Monday, July 23, 2012

Very Helpful Coupon and Deal Site!!

I always check out all the coupon and deal sites, especially before I go and buy anything. Whether it's granola bars, or school clothes, I always figure that somewhere, I can get it cheaper:)
If you are looking for PsPrint coupon codes, this site has tons of them!
This is organized very well, and has an amazing directory of tons and tons of shops and stores! You just click through the directory, by letter, (alphabetical order), and find your store, and click for all the codes! They have them updated often, and have info on products, prices, pictures, anything you need to know about each store! It definitely saves you time, because they already did all the work for you!
Free is actually a very cool program, from what I read on this site! I never really knew much about this money saving idea, until I read about them. You can also check them out on Clarus Marketing.
They also have cash back offers, and soon will have the option to print coupons. You can check out their blog, and read posts that range from free shipping, to reviews, to advice on shopping, groceries and more.
I am more satisfied with this site, then some of the others that seemed to have popped up over the past couple years. I like to have legitimate reviews, coupon codes, links, and actual proof that the coupons worked! (By the way, you can vote on the codes that work the best and you can add coupon and discount codes to the site as well!)
What coupons mean..
All in all, this site is sure to save busy moms and dads, lots of time and hassle! Just bookmark the site, and make sure you visit every time you are planning on shopping!
Have you ever used any codes from this site? Are you an email subscriber? Please comment and let me know what you think, especially of this site compared to others of the same type.