Thursday, September 27, 2012

My "What If" Book by Tonya and Chad Walker

 This was one of the most precise, straight to the point, most helpful books of this nature that I have ever seen, and I am thrilled to have this book on our bookshelf. They covered pretty much everything in this book, from not answering the phone, to not answering the door without permission, even internet safety!
Another awesome addition is that they point out a few different scenarios of strangers in cars. If a stranger asks you to help find a lost per, offers candy, and what to do if a stranger tries to pull you inside the car?
Today is much more scary for children, or maybe I guess for us parents, then it was back when I was growing up. For one, we didn't have the internet, and I personally believe people as a whole have gotten a little more dangerous. Maybe this is contributed to a bigger population? I'm not sure, but I do know that I am certainly more cautious with everything, more so then when I was growing up.
 This book sparks some very good discussions with your children and reinforces what you have been trying to say several times over. It is always a plus to have a book like this, no matter where you are, how wonderful your neighborhood is, child abductions can happen anywhere.
 The illustrations in this book are also very kid friendly, nothing to scary and they cut to the point as well. I know my kids enjoyed the pictures and also had a lot to add to each page and incident. The emergency when you are home alone was another perfect example of why this book is a must have! When explaining different situations to your children, you may tend to leave something out, whether it is uncomfortable to talk about or simply because you forgot. (Another reason you have to get this book!)
I would recommend this book to teachers, Sunday School teachers, day cares, preschools, libraries, and parents and grandparents. It would also be a great book to have for a child care worker, and even a doctor's office.
The authors also have a very informative website, which they update on a regular basis, and offer much more valuable and important advice and tips to use in your families to live a safer and much happier life. All in all, I am really an overprotective mom, we have to be nowadays, and I am more then impressed with what this book has to offer and how it has helped our own family!
 I almost forgot to mention the best part of all! This is something we actually never thought of in our family and I am so happy to have read this!! They have a section in the book to have a code word between you and your little ones, and for you to share, just in case of an emergency!! This is a simple tool that can definitely be used to save a life, and it can be a very personal and easy word for you and your children to remember! That way, if there is an emergency and you have to enlist the help of a relative or friend to pick your children up from baseball or soccer, the movies, wherever they may be, you simply share your secret word with that person so your kids know it is safe!
Please check out Tonya and Chad Walker's website for more valuable information and ideas!
I would love to hear any ideas you may have that your family uses to create a safer environment at home, school, and when they go outside to play!

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