Friday, September 28, 2012

Natural Way Organics

I found this very neat company that offers a lot of all natural products, probably enough to replace everything in your home. They offer a complete line of baby products, bath and shower products, and cleaning supplies. They also even have pet shampoo! Natural Way Organicsis made using a modern version of this three hundred year-old method. Organic oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel are blended and mixed at precise temperatures with an alkali solution. (Modern Alkali is made by running electricity through salt water.) The batch is mixed for hours, allowing it to thicken slowly. When it is ready, botanical concentrates and organic herbs, spices and grains are added. The batch is then poured into wooden molds and kept warm for about three days. As the soap solidifies, alkali salts begin to rise to the top like cream. Around the fourth day the soap, now solid in block form, is removed from the molds, skimmed of all alkali salts, and cut into individual bars. The bars are then placed on custom made oak and stainless steel screened drying racks and cured for about three more weeks. This process produces the mildest soap that can be made. Often lasting about twice as long as conventional bars, this soap is extremely moisturizing and soothing to your skin. ** Taken from Natual Way Oragnic's about page ** I like their prices, quite affordable, and very comparable to other brands of organic cleaning and bath supplies. I love the baby line I think the best!
and my favorite, baby Bar Soap:P
Another very cool thing to point out, is that they also offer private label and wholesale for direct sellers, business owners, even something a blogger for instance could use to sell on their blog! You can access the form needed to get the information about how they can help you start your own business here! Have you ever purchased anything from Natural Way Organics? How did you like their products? I think it is especially important when their are kids, babies and pets in the home, to replace any or all, chemical cleaners, and bath and body products that aren't as safe as organic versions;)

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