Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Leadocracy : Hiring More Great Leaders (Like You) into Government by Geoff Smart

I try to keep politics aside from my book reviews, well, at least on my blog. Not necessarily politics in general, but party affiliation, and who I plan to vote for, etc.
I was surprised to receive a book that actually just made perfect sense, and didn't swing to either side whatsoever. I wish more people could think like this and could read between the lines. It irks me so much, what is going on in this country and I can't believe the news each day, and I certainly can't believe what in the world is going on.
I quite frankly am sick of voting for the lesser of 2 evils, and would love nothing more then to have regular Americans, running for office. But, of course, who wants to do that??
I appreciated the writing in this book, mainly the fact that it wasn't swayed, and it sure wasn't a rant of any kind, it was actually rather positive. (Which is hard to be these days) But, the author gives some hope. Especially with his morals and his well laid out ideas, plans, and information. It really isn't that hard to figure out, although so many seem to have lost a few brain cells over the years, I sit here some days with my mouth hanging open trying to figure out, why??? How?? HUH??
It is easier then some think, and I only hope this book makes it in the hands of many hopefuls like the author, and myself. I would love to see more citizens running for office, I don't care how small the positions, as long as it is something! We all want to complain, and carry on, but yet nobody wants to actually get up and do something about the mess. Many of us have the brains and the ideas, and the experience, so what is holding everybody back?
If only Government, and society would read this book, and see how simple this fix really is, and actually how we can use this to our advantage, this country and many others, could be a better place!
I have to say, I am personally involved in politics, I am a mom, and a bartender, but I am pretty current, a daily listener, watcher, reader, researcher, and I have read many books about politics and how a Government should and can and never will, govern. Most of those books end up being partial to one side, and that really turns me off. Why can't we all just be happy and civil and brainstorm together?? If you agree with these thoughts, Leadocracy, is the prime choice for you!

** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **

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