Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tooth Fairy Pillows at ToothFairyWorks

I wish I had seen these years ago when I had my first little one. These are absolutely adorable and they make the perfect gift for any child!
I love the whole idea, especially when I have spent so many nights trying to find the tooth that was kept under their pillows! lol! I have had many struggles, and even lost a couple, only for them to turn up later. Wow! Trying to figure out a story real quick, and telling it to the world's biggest skeptics, is harder then I thought!
If we had these tooth fairy pillows, it would have been a quick and easy process!
Mary Sue, the creator and seller of these super cute pillows, is an absolute doll, and makes several kinds of pillows, for both girls and boys, Genevive's favorite, is the Angry Birds pillow. She actually loves many of them, but Angry Birds is something we don't see much in girl form, and she was so delighted to see that Mary Sue must have known this since she designed such a cool, and still cute, Angry Bird girly, tooth fairy pillow;)
There are many designs and colors available, I am sure you will find one, probably 2 or 3, that your kids will love! The little pockets to keep their little teeth are super handy and so pretty! ( Ok, very handsome, for the boys pillows;)

You will find a fairly large assortment of styles, anything from Nascar drivers, to cartoons, to just unique and colorful designs, to Sesame Street friends, she seems to have everything covered! Her prices are also very reasonable, and if you "like" her Facebook page, and check in once in a while, she does drop some nice discount codes from time to time!!
You can also find Tooth Fairy Works on Twitter!!
Another neat thing about these pillows, is that if you ever had or have children who are scared over losing a tooth, these will definitely help! They will be so happy to wrap up their tooth and place inside the pocket and be anxious to get up the next morning to find a treasure! Plus, I can't stress enough how much this will help moms and dads!!
I would love to hear your comments!! Did you ever have issues with your little ones being scared to lose a tooth?? How did you go about trying to help them get over that fear?
Did you buy one of these super cute pillows?? Which ones are your favorite?

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