Thursday, September 13, 2012

BetterGuard Mobile Android App

I am always, always, always, wondering who and what is gathering personal and private information from my computer, my cell phone, how they are doing it and why, not really paranoid, lol, but I am informed and very aware. So, this was a very interesting and useful app for me to try out and publish my review for.
I had a few issues at first with installing this app, however, they were not at fault of the app itself, or the creator, but more with my lovely cell phone service and network. I did finally get this installed, and it has been running very smoothly. It is simple to use and very quick! You just tap which app you would like to have scanned and within seconds, the scan is complete and you can see what apps you have in your phone that are accessing more then they are welcome too.
I didn't give it much thought when I first started using my Android, I installed a few apps, some were awesome, some worked well, some not at all. I was to excited to use my police scanner and ham radio apps, to even think about the chance that the creator of the app, would be storing personal info about me, my contacts, my number or location. This was pretty careless of me, since I am usually very careful, maybe to careful. I also am always very cautious about everything, so, even the BetterGuard Mobile Android App is a concern for me.
Of course I agree that $1.99 a month is a reasonable amount to pay for safety and fairly quick scanning of anything that could end up being a much problem for me later. not to mention, cost me a lot more then the measly $1.99 a month I am going to pay now. $24 a year to better protect myself and my family, and my contacts.
The issues I have with this app so far, are the fact that I have a few other apps in my phone that were created by the same creator. All of those apps popped up as having some sort of issues, 7 each to be exact. I then have to ask myself, how trustworthy Betterguard Mobile really is. Is it really going to tell me that the same creator of other apps is actually collecting personal information on me? I don't know. It makes me trust it just a little less then when I first started reading up on it and learning about it. Although, it did indeed find several issued with my Facebook and Pinterest and even Twitter apps. I would have thought these to be trustworthy, maybe not, but some of the strangest ones show up as not having problems at all, no bugs,nothing. I'd of thought them to be opposite. I have to question this a little more, and I also have to wonder if this is an issue with the BetterGuard Mobile App, or my cell phone provider. ( Which by the way, I am certain they also have plenty of ways to get into my and access my personal information.)
The only other dilemma I have come across, is the fact that when it does scan and find a bug, it gives you the option to then see more details. Well, I haven't been able to see any of those details, yet. It always says it is not available. So, I have to wait until I am in a bigger city, at least one that is not stuck in the middle of a mountain, like where our house is;) AND I would like to have a few questions answered before I would give a bad review for this app.
With that being said, I will be updating, rather then saying, "Don't buy this app!!", and I also can not say, "Yeah!! Get this app asap!! You can't live without it!!" Because I want to know, A) Why are the apps by the same creator, showing up as having 7 bugs???
It is possible that the specified apps have something about them that more personal information is needed?? Hmmm, not sure, but that also is not ok in my book. I did not enter any personal information, nor would I, so, that is not really going to be alright.
B) Will it ever tell me what the exact details are about the bugs it finds in the scans? Or will it always just be "unavailable at this time", as it has been.
AGAIN!! This could very well be a bug with my service, although, I am able to install apps, use them, make calls, text message and get online. So, I will be giving the benefit of doubt here, and will update in the very near future.
I am very interested in hearing what any of you have to say. Have you installed this app?? Has it helped you identify any odd or creepy apps? Has it worked well for you??
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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