Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Perky Plus Stain Remover Review

I was pretty skeptical when I received notice I would be reviewing Groom Industries, Perky Plus Stain Remover on my blog. Not because of the name, or the company!! Just simply because, I have yet to actually find a carpet stain remover that actually does what it says. trust me, I have tried plenty! We do have a carpet shampooer, but that isn't the same, and we certainly don't pull that out every single day!! (We have 4 kids, 3 of them are the "little ones", and we have a dog and a new cat:)
When we bought our house, it came with a carpeted kitchen and a bathroom, ew! I will never understand why in the world somebody would want that in those rooms of their homes? But until my husband really does pull the carpet up and make some nice hardwood floors, or lays some nice tile, I am stuck with some already stained by previous owner, and now us, lol, yucky, 70's colored carpet in my kitchen and bathroom.
I actually stopped caring a few years ago. We have several repairs needed, and this is the least of our worries, and since my husband drives truck, he is not home very often. So, carpet being ripped apart is at the bottom of our list. (SHHHHHHH! I am trying though, to get this pushed up as fast as possible!!)
First I will let you know a bit about Groom Industries.
Groom Industries has been making professional cleaning products for 35 years, and just recently started manufacturing cleaning supplies to the public. ( Thank goodness!) This specific product was manufactured by professional carpet cleaners, and has been formulated to tackle all types of spills, stains and messes.
Ok, so, I received my shipment, and was curious how this would work, compared to leading brands. To me, those leading brands are not really leading much anything, because, like I said, I have yet to find a decent carpet, stain remover. Perky Plus, does not come in a spray, or with any goofy spongy thingies attached to the top. It is a simple squirt bottle, and it comes with this strange little spatula/brush thing.
Of course, you are to test the fabric, carpet, furniture, or whatever you are removing the stain from. I personally did do this, and had no problem whatsoever! But, you should do this with all products, just in case!
After spot testing, and again, not having any issues, I decided to tackle a couple goofy spots that were just cleaned up with some spray cleaners and paper towels. the whole process is fairly quick and painless. You squirt some of the stain remover on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, get the little spatula/brush deal, and use whichever side you need. I really like that part! I used the brush mostly, but you can see the stain disappearing right before your eyes!! After all of that, you wipe it up, I used paper towels and a sponge with warm water, then I dried it with paper towels.
I have some pictures for proof!! I have to tell you, I am impressed! It truly removed the stains!
The only problem is now, it is cleaner then the rest of the carpet, lol! So, either I will have to grab a vat of it and just dump it on the floor in the kitchen, or connect it to a hose somehow. Or my husband can rip the carpet up and replace it with pretty tiles:P With so many little ones, and Deegan, our 2 year old, who hates sippy cups, and loves to share food with the animals, I will still be using plenty of this stuff!!

I don't really know what all happened here, this was a mess by the baker's rack, made by 2 small monsters. But I used spray cleaner, and scrubbed and scrubbed and then it turned lighter, so I don't really know what was happening. But wait til you see this!!

These pictures were taken with my cell phone, so I hope you can see the difference already!! Like I said, the only issue I have, which is not at fault of Perky Plus, is, WHAT DO I DO WITH THE REST OF THE FLOOR, TO MAKE IT AS CLEAN AS THE TREATED PARTS?? Lol! Because, I am almost out of the bottle now, so I think I will have to visit the site and grab another, or 2.
Here is a picture of this neat little contraption that helps lift the stain out! I love this thing, and yes, if I could, I just might marry it. I did have another before and after picture for you, but Blogger just decided in the middle of me writing this post, that they will force me into new Blogger, and I can not get the pictures to work. I will work on this and add another set in this post or a new post, just so you can see how fantastic this stuff really is!! I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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