Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dr Oz Fan App for Android

This is a very awesome app, especially if you are a Dr Oz fan! I actually have never watched the show myself, but I do read up on his current shows, tips and advice, (unless I already heard a show recap from his biggest fan, my mom!!)
But for the busy mom, (like me, and I know many of my readers!), this is a super cool app to have installed in your Android!
This is probably going to be the reason some people, like my mom, end up buying an Android. My mom doesn't have the internet at home, and is always so fascinated by her cell phone and how she can access the internet and read up on all of her favorite shows, movie stars, and she loves to Google search all kinds of stuff, mainly politics, and she loves to tell me what Dr oz had to say, and how Dr Oz is so smart, and how great he is, she would go crazy for this!
What this app does, is keeps recaps from all of the current shows, all of the interesting stuff you probably wish you had a paper and pen handy for, and all of his suggestions, and puts it all in one location, for you to access whenever you please! How sweet is that?? The most important stuff from each episode, is collected here and shared with you! The next cool deal about this FREE Dr Oz app, is the recipe tab! Click on that, and you will find the best of Dr Oz's recipe suggestions.

All of the super important links are here for you, his Youtube videos, (for the ladies who have this nutty crush on this doctor), and nutrition advice, supplement advice, and exercise tips.
There is even a link for you to apply for tickets to the show, or to apply to be a guest on his show! All the most valuable stuff from your favorite doctor, ok, I have to admit, i am not some crazed fan of his, but I am loving his tips and recaps I have been reading with this app!) he seems to be a very down to earth, easy to believe and understand, type of doctor. So, I do get the whole, "Oh my God!! I have to go, cause Dr Oz is on!", and "Oh my God! Did you hear what Dr Oz said about treadmills??" (or whatever he spoke of that day! Jeez! He sounds like a glorious superstar:) But really, I enjoy hearing his tips, and now I can read them whenever I have time, and maybe I can apply to get tickets for my mom to visit his show!!
All in all, this runs very smoothly. I have yet to have any issues and I have had it installed for almost a month. It is updated regularly, and I have to say, this is somebody I would trust receiving medical advice from. So, any type of book, or app that I can grab, that has anything to do with the infamous, Dr Oz, I will be sure to take;)
Have you installed this app for your Android? What do you think?
Do you heart this Dr Oz?? Or is it just all of our moms??
Just kidding, I hear about this guy from several people, not just my mom, lol!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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