Saturday, September 15, 2012

Re Structuring my Life Insurance Policy

I purchased a life insurance policy about 8 years ago, through my auto insurance company. I had no clue exactly of term life, and 20 year term insurance, but it seems fairly reasonable.
I like the fact that if needed, I can borrow against it. Well, I don't really like that, but the option is there. I think it gets a little pricey, but I am happy that my husband and children will be covered, no matter what happens with the economy.
We are actually in the market for a policy for my husband, (yes, I don't know why, but we haven't started one of those yet) So, I am hoping some of my readers would be able to help with what type of life insurance policy is best??
This is one of those things that I do read every page of, whether I understand it or not. But, is 20 year term insurance the better option? Or is there a better option? My next question is, what does happen after the 20 years are up? If I am paying $100 a month for my policy now, does that amount double or triple after my 20 years? and what happens to the money I did put in?
This company is a full of reputable insurance  agents who can answer all our questions, and they are not going to sell your info to anybody anywhere. That's what threw me off at first, lol, because I haven't seen this before. Everytime I submit my information anywhere, I start receiving emails and mail and phone calls from all over the place. That drives me nuts!! But Mozdex is really just there to help us, not the insurance companies, which is definitely what I have been looking for in a company,
Even my own auto insurance company, who holds my life insurance policy, is not as helpful. I leave messages and emails and don't get a reply for days!
Mozdex also received an award for being rated the highest in customer service, in 2011. So that was another reason I trust them,
What types of life insurance do you have for your family? What do you look for in an insurance company, for one you can trust?
I really don't like thinking about, what if something happens? I guess nobody does, but it is kind of ignorant I guess, not too. So this is just one of those things that we kind of have to have in order to make sure our little ones are well taken care of. Since they are the most important to me;) I really would like a trustworthy, honest company!!


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