Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lost Posts and Book Reviews HELP:)

I am having a major issue for a couple months now, all pertaining to this blog. I was hacked once, a transfer failed once, and I lost several book reviews and posts and even a few giveaway posts. Then, Blogger decided to switch on me, and for some reason, if I have html code in a post, my paragraphs are not starting and stopping properly?? Besides all of this, my RSD, (I know, and I am sorry if I seem like a crybaby), but it is getting worse and spreading and between neurology and regular dr and pain management visits, I am so ready for vacation!! I am not happy with my recent dr visits and diagnosis, nor do I approve of my medications being upped, and new ones added and being told I can not really rely on Calmare, to help me. I just want something, anything to even just take away even a third of the pain and discomfort!! But for now, it is being "controlled", it is better then it was the last few weeks, and months since it has progressed, yet again, and so, I am able to re locate all of my lost posts, and pictures. Well, I can not really locate them all, I have no clue as to what happened exactly, other then the fact that I was hacked, and I paid somebody to transfer me, and well, they transferred me back because they "lost" so much in the initial process. Luckily, I found a very reliable blogger, Blogelina, and she will be taking over from here on out. I am only 1 person, and not a business, so therefore, I do not have the type of money to spend to fix and host and run my blogs. All of my networks and sites are unfortunately just run by me;P I am planning on this to change, especially since I now see the light at the end of the tunnel, with all of the technical difficulties, and I also am being "managed" by my team of doctors. (Even if I hate it, I can at least get on with my life, so I am grateful!!) If anybody has tips, pointers, suggestions, on how to fix my paragraphs, or maybe knows of a book I can buy and read that will maybe have every answer to every question, issue, concern, dilemma, that a blogger may have, lol, please, I am begging you, to let me know what that book is!! It takes me so long to find answers to my crazy, adventurous blogging career!!


  1. If you are an author, and I have your book and did not email you with your links, please either email me,, and let me know!
    I have compiled the long list of lost reviews, and posts and I am working on re doing them all, and also keeping up to date with the current books and products. I did not forget you and you will be back up and running in no time!!
    I am very sorry for the delay, and after my new web hosting and my new blog helper, I will not be having this dilemma again!! I am also trying to learn how to back up files, so that I can have everything copied!! I had a few, but the extent of my list of lost articles became very overwhelming, but this is dwindling down by the hour:)

  2. I also have to apologize if the paragraphs are not proper!! I am working in finding the issue with this as well!!
    I try my best and take pride in my blog, and i would not normally write without paragraphs!! As soon as I figure that bug out, I will be editing everything that has been affected!!
    Again, any help here, would be very much appreciated!!