Saturday, September 8, 2012

Malibu Swimmers Natural Wellness Treatment

I received a packet of this product to try and post a review, and it certainly came in very handy! We have a pool, a small one, but it's a pool, and even though I don't get to get in as much as I would like too, the kids are in a LOT!!
Genevive has some gorgeous, pretty long, light brown/reddish hair, which is sometimes very hard to take care of! Especially for a 5 year old, and knots every single day!
Her hair does require quite a bit of care, detangler sprays, conditioning sprays and conditioner, and when it's swimming season, even the best of the best does not help 100% with her dry, swimmer hair.
So, of course we used this for Genevive's beautiful, long locks! I do have to say, I only received a small packet which I didn't think was actually enough to use and process a review for. We did notice some improvements with her hair with this one application, and I think I probably would have seen more improvement, had we had a couple more packs. I understand this as a treatment for each time you swim, and if you swim a great deal, this may end up being a little costly.
The 1.7 oz packet we received, sells for $3.50, and a box of 12 sells for $39. However, with just the improvements we have had in Genevive's hair, I would certainly recommend this for swimmers, especially when you figure out how much it might cost for drug store or big brand names, conditioners, treatments, and how many bottles you will be going through just to get the same effect as you do from 1 packet of Malibu Swimmers Natural Wellness Treatment.

Malibu Swimmers Natural Wellness Treatment, is very simple to use, and is actually a powder!
You simply open the packet, dump in your hands, add water and it forms into a gel! Then, when added to your hair, it lathers very nicely!
Here are some of the benefits you get from using this product: (you may also be thinking the price is a little high, but keep in mind, the prices you would pay for several other treatments that each do 1 or 2 things. When this product does it all.
Immediately removes chlorine and mineral build-up from swimmers’ hair to help restore health and wellness to hair and scalp
Malibu Swimmers Treatment removes chlorine and bromine that can otherwise oxidize and dry hair
Helps prevent brittle, damaged hair
Removes copper build-up to lift green discoloration
Restores vibrancy to hair color
Dramatically improves look and feel of hair
Helps reduce itching and scalp irritation
Malibu Swimmers Treatment dissolves quickly for immediate results
Completely safe for children of all ages
Packaged for easy travel
Eco-friendly ingredients in recyclable packaging
Food-grade, wellness ingredients
Preservative-Free, Fragrance-Free, Sulfate-Free

I am very happy with it, I love that it is safe for children of all ages, and I love the eco friendly packaging! I would probably purchase a box of 12, and somehow manage to make that last for Genevive for the whole summer, maybe 1 packet a week. Then I would say, yes, this was well worth it!
There are several other Malibu Swimmers hair products that may interest you. You can check them out here!!
There is even a whole Wellness kit, which includes this treatment, along with shampoo and conditioner.
Please leave any comments below, and let me know if you ever tried this product before, what did you think?? How much do you think is to much for a product that actually does everything it claims to do? Would this treatment help your little ones?
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. I love the stuff....I used it after my warm water pool therapy.