Saturday, September 15, 2012

Get the Proof you Need for Insurance from Insure Mate

Insure Mate is a very cool product, and definitely one that every family should have! I actually never really thought about something like this until I found this site, and now, I don't really think it would be wise to be without it!
My family has homeowners insurance, and I tried to read through all of the ridiculous, and sometimes what seems to be hypocritical, lol, lines, and I have no clue! I am usually pretty good with reading the fine print and understanding and asking millions of questions, but just like with the mortgage company of our first home, I just wanted to be done and have the keys:)
One thing I know for sure, is we don't have every single receipt for every single thing we have on our property. We keep receipts for 10 years, and some are even faded. So, if something were to happen, and we had to use our insurance for property loss, how do I prove any of it?

This is an excellent tool, and can save you thousands of dollars, literally! You won't even have to worry much about it ! After you add all of your items, it will be safely stored and easily accessed at any time, from anywhere. My favorite part is the calculator. This can also help you decide if you are under insured.
You set up all of your insurance information, this way when you do have a claim, you can log into your account and file your claim directly through the website. No phone calls, or waiting on hold!
The price is only $49.95 for 12 full months, (AUD), which isn't really a lot at all when you consider the services you are getting, and the security.
I would be so happy to read any comments!! Do you use Insure Mate? If not, what do you have for proof for your insurance company in case you need it??
How much do you think is fair to pay for a service like this?


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