Friday, September 14, 2012

Merminia by Emm Cole

Merminia, by Emm Cole is definitely a treasure, a very unique one at that!!
I can honestly say I have never read a book about mermaids before, and I never even have seen a mermaid fantasy, suspense, romance novel before. Of course, both of our daughters loved the Disney mermaid, but that was for little girls;)
This book will actually grab your attention from the first page, and will keep your attention well until the end!
Emm Cole really has a tasteful, fresh, creative style that is written so well, you will see each character in front of you, each segment of the story played out right before your eyes, and the images are not easily forgotten.
Each character is very descriptively detailed, and all pretty easy to like, and maybe even adore! They all fit together nicely, Selinne, being the main character. A confident, maybe a little stubborn, and has lots of determination, this mermaid is actually the type of main character females of all ages admire. Gabriel, is a warrior, who Selinne, (and the reader), will end up falling head over heels in love with, (or head over fins;)
Mermaids and Mermen, have the same types of issues, dilemmas, struggles, drama and feelings as humans do. Parts of the storyline, the characters personalities, and the atmosphere are created in such a way that we can relate. And at the same time, this alluring tale will provide a place for you to escape the real world, for just a while, until the end.
I would hope there is a 2nd volume on the way very soon. I would definitely be interested in reading it! I think this is an excellent series that will prove to stand the test of time and will capture the hearts of many, many fans. Young adult, fantasy, suspense, fairy tale fans. Even drama, romance, and adventure fans will find that this is well worth your time!
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