Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crown Deception by Howard Lufburrow

I love mysteries, and thrillers, especially the kind that actually take you right there in the middle of it all, so much that you can almost smell the blood, and the coffee and see each character in person. This is really one of those books. I was even more impressed when I read about the author and read that this was actually his first novel, and that he is a dentist. (We all kind of can't stand those guys, right?)
I have read and watched many a good mystery in my 38 years and a lot of the time, it seems there are so many stories and ideas out there that they tend to run out of original ideas. Even though they could still be good stories, you have this feeling that you have read it before, or seen it before. This is not the case here. I can't begin to think of a story that comes close to a crime fighting dentist, who has a partner, in Triumph, Texas, well, I guess he wasn't really a crime fighter, but he was called to come into the morgue to examine a unique symbol found on a dead man's crowned tooth at the county morgue. ( I also thought this was a very clever title for this book!)
I like the style of writing this dentist, and author, Howard Lufburrow, has. It is clear, precise, to the point, and seriously keeps your attention. I also have always been fascinated with The Netherlands, so the mystery, smuggling, espionage, mayhem, and murder, just to name a few, was quite the interesting addition to this book. It was written well, keeps you on the edge of your seat, and has some well thought out twists and turns that are very well placed. I also thought that this was a classy mystery, with just the right amount of adjectives and he didn't go overboard with any of it.
I read that this was a 5 year "labor of love", and you can tell that the author really took his time to research, and write a book that will most likely find the reader hoping for more, possibly a mini series of some sort? (HINT HINT)
I read in another review that they would also love to see more stories about this dentist who is a hero, rather then some Halloween monster that just makes your next dentist trip all the more creepy. I agree 100%!
I would recommend this book for any mystery lover, crime fans, thriller, and action readers, and as a bonus for dentists, I think a copy of this book should be put with your magazines, so maybe you can all gain some fans through, Jake Patterson, a new kind of crime stopper, and dentist!

** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **

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