Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Not Weird I Have SPD by Chynna Laird

I personally have never heard of Sensory Processing Disorder before I read this book. I have heard of many illnesses and disorders that affect children and their families in so many ways, and it is always just so sad. Especially when the baby or child, can't really communicate about their feelings with their parents. I often wonder how horrible that would feel, and wish nothing but the best for these families.
One thing I found out is that SPD is a little similar to what I have, which is RSD, and in some ways, we have some of the same issues with touch. (RSD affects your nervous system and is also known as chronic regional pain syndrome) So, I felt very sad for this little girl because I do know how it feels to have pain and how it feels when hugs and touch actually hurt.
I wish more books like this would be written for all the different things that our children have to deal with, maybe if they were kept in classrooms and libraries, and more people were aware of these disorders, the ignorance and making fun, and misunderstandings would stop. This goes for adults just as much as children.
This book was written very well, and the pictures are adorable. This cute little girl and all of her struggles and story have touched our hearts and i am sure will touch many more.
This would be an excellent book for any child, of any age, who also suffers from SPD, as well as any family who has a child or friend or relative who has this. Education is the key with things like this and the more people who become aware, the better we become as people and as a society.
There are many children who could use this book as a way to help them explain how they feel, how things hurt, and how things look to them. The most important part for these kids I would believe is for people to understand and listen to them, rather then think they are so "weird". I think this book should be at every doctors office and hospital. That way, when a family finds out what is happening with their children, the doctor can hand them this book as a reference and it will be the stepping stone for the healing process. My granddaughter was recently diagnosed with Downs, and when my daughter had her at her new doctors office, they handed her a book all about Downs, written by a boy who had Downs, and this has been a tremendous help for all of us! I hope this book becomes well known amongst the medical community for that reason.
I would also recommend this book to people who work with kids, around kids, have kids, maybe this will also help children accept and ask questions and learn, rather then make children who are a little "different", feel "weird"

** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **


  1. Thank you so very much for this wonderful review. This book is very close to my heart for many reasons and I am so happy to know that it is helping others understand this often misunderstood and misdiagnosed disorder.

    Warmly, Chynna

  2. A wonderful detailed review,thanks so much i would love to read this book!