Friday, August 24, 2012

The Ultimate Guide to Greening Your Home Review

I know we are all trying to save some money, especially since electricity rates are so high now, and they are only going to get worse! Unfortunately, it is still summertime, and this summer was terribly humid for our area, and air conditioners were on sometimes 24 hours a day! I did receive our electric bill for July, and I would really appreciate ANY tips for saving money on electricity after this bill! I have to say, honestly, it is the highest we have ever had!
This eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Greening Your Home, is an excellent guide, complete with a checklist! The other neat parts of this book, is that they do all of the research for you! Not just research on tips on how to green your home, but also about how to save on your homeowners insurance, tax rebates, tax deductions, and the part about how it will increase the value of your home, astounded me. I really never thought about that, but it makes perfect sense.
Inside you will also find, a tax rebate, tax credit, and green financing guide. It is a small investment, ($9.95), to learn how to save money, several different ways. Really, the fact that all the research is done for me, and the rebates and all the info and the checklist is all there, is enough for me to grab a copy;)
There is also a generous sample of this eBook here...

One thing we most recently tried to do, in order to better, "green our home" was to switch out harsh household cleaners, and replace with all natural. I love the cleaning products we have been using, and it is certainly much safer around little ones and pets!! This is just another example for grabbing a copy of this book, and switching just a few simple things around at home! You will be surprised at how much healthier and how much more clean and green;) your family and home and little ones are!
This book does go in depth on pretty much every aspect you need to green your home, how to make the switches and how it will save you money, and is a perfect choice for a gift and for yourself. You can download it instantly in PDF, iBook, or Kindle formats.

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