Thursday, August 16, 2012

NOVICA Review and Giveaway!!

I am delighted to have recently worked with such an outstanding company, and am even more thrilled to have learned about them and what they do!
If you aren't familiar with Novica, please check out their site,and if you are anything like me, you will be drooling over all of the gorgeous jewelry and fascinating gifts!
I especially am in love with these amber earrings, although I don't have pierced ears, lol, I love amber and these are just to charming!
Novica is an amazing site that allows artisans from all over the world, to showcase their talent, and earn money by selling their creations online for the rest of the world to see. They have several different artisans, and opportunities, and you can read all about the lives that have been changed with Novica's help here.
Actually, Novica is quite modest and will say that we have changed the lives of these artisans, and this is also another reason to choose this company and make gift purchases, or when shopping for yourself. We can together, help families overseas, and help them own businesses, have nice homes, buy cars, and become financially stable and independent. Plus, you are getting some very beautiful jewelry in return:)
Another very cool option from Novica, is Novica Live.
Much like other work from home opportunities, you purchase a kit for $199 and with your kit, you will receive over $400 worth of samples, AND $150 worth of business materials! Not only can you use this kit to start your own business, and having in home parties, but you can earn a living for your own family! All while helping other families from around the world. It's a win win situation, you can earn free stuff, money, and free trips!! the artisans you and your customers support, can keep their businesses going and be financially secure.
Novica, and all of the wonderful Novica consultants, work together to also provide artisans in need, of microcredit loans. Microcredit loans are loaned at a 0% interest rate and Novica also gives you a 15% repayment bonus, for loaning to an artisan! You can read more about this option here, if you would like to learn more about loaning to artisans to help with their small businesses.
I received a gift credit in order to post about Novica, and review the site, customer service, and magnificent work!
This is what I chose to buy with my gift credit! I never would have thought I would fall so much in love with anything made with pearls and leather... but for some reason, when shopping on Novica, this is what stood out right away!
It arrived in a handmade box, made from saa paper. Saa paper is a handmade mulberry bark paper that has been made in Thailand for over 700 years! Each year when the trees are harvested, the smaller branches are cut and the outer layers of bark are peeled from the branches to make the paper. That way, the trees are not cut down! Brilliant! and Beautiful! The box also came with a little story card, and a fluffy pillow for my new bracelet to sit on.
I was happy to have also helped, Panapha, a 33 year old who was born in Bangkok. She is the 3rd of 5 sisters, and just like us, got in trouble when she was little for drawing on the walls lol! She also graduated from art school!
I actually like a lot of Panapha's work, and hope to buy some more in the near future!
All in all, I had nothing but a very pleasant experience with Novica, customer service, ease of shopping, quicker then average shipment, and tremendous value!
Now, on to the fun part;)
Novica is sponsoring a giveaway for our readers!! You can win a gift card for $37.50!! You can use this to shop on Novica's website and choose whatever you would like! There is so much there, so grab some coffee and start shopping!!
First, if Novicalive is something you feel you may want to do, (becoming a Novica consultant), if you do sign up with them, please let them know you heard about them through a blog, and give them my links;) I would appreciate this very, very much!!
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Ok, onto the giveaway.......
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  1. not really sure...Christmas is very close...will it be for me or a gift?

  2. As Maureen

    I might go for the Highball glasses, 'Cobalt Spiral' (set of 6) but I also like a pearl and lapis earring set.

    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  3. I'd get the Opal dangle earrings, 'Leaves at Dawn'.
    lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

  4. i like the Lanna Rose silver ring a lot

  5. I would love to get this scarf-

    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  6. Leather tote handbag, 'Black Bangkok Chic.

  7. the Amethyst dangle earrings, 'Kerala Princess'