Monday, August 20, 2012

Woolite Don't Torture Your Jeans

I recently received a sample pack with some coupons from Crowdtap, for this new Woolite detergent, geared for jeans.
At first I was a little concerned since I don't really like or care for dark jeans, although I figure it must be one of the newer trends.
I love faded jeans and even some with holes in them, lol, the more worn out, the better!
What I did find, is that this stuff works wonders for ALL darks! So, any concert t shirts, black capris, stretch pants, skirts, ( Yeah, I am a little old I guess:) But, I love the scent, the availability of coupons and sales, and the price isn't as bad even though it is a bit higher then other detergents. If you think about the amount of money saved by saving your dark clothes, and not having to replace as much.
I really have lots of darks, and between the 5 of us, I can certainly make at least 1 load per week where I can use Woolite Extra Dark Care.
If you are a fan of Woolite on Facebook, you can grab a super high value coupon here!
I received 12 samples, 1 for me and 11 to hand out, and really, I kind of thought they could have been just a tiny bit more generous with the samples since it takes more then 1 load to do a proper review before you buy. Although, they did include a $1 off Woolite Extra dark Care with each sample pack, so it wasn't that bad. (PS The coupon on their Facebook page is for $2 off!!)

Just in case you are a Rob Zombie fan, (I love his movies!!!), here is a super reason to love Woolite, Rob Zombie is the director of their newest commercial!! Super creative and original!! I love this ad!!
So, I made a purchase, using my coupon of course, and it has been almost 3 weeks, and I can still say I get more impressed with each load of darks that I wash with Woolite.
Besides already being a fan of the brand, I recently have been re structuring how we make purchases, what we "invest" in and how we go about house and vehicle repairs.
We own our own trucking company, very small, just 1 truck and my husband is the driver:) But, we are responsible for all of the repairs, fuel, taxes, tolls, everything you can think of and plus more, is what we pay. We always are looking for steals and deals on anything for our business. Just as we do for everything else.
What we recently learned from this, is the fact that we can go ahead and pay less at first, but it certainly doesn't mean we are getting top of the line repairs or parts!
You get what you pay for, and it does not pay to grab the least quality for less money when you will end up replacing this a few months later. Compared to paying a little more and replacing maybe in 2 years. You always end up spending more for the cheaper version. This recently became true with coupon clipping scissors that I purchased from the same cheaper store, 4 times! The handle just literally fell apart right in my hands! What did I do? Well, I wanted them replaced and so I ran back to this store and bought another, and another and another, because they were almost half the price as a good quality pair at a different store. I ended up going to the better value store and paying the higher price after I already paid more then 2 times what they would have cost for the better pair! Why am I blabbing about this? Because something as important as our families clothing and making them last as much as possible. If I pay $40 for a pair of jeans, (well that is to much in my book, lol, I will wait for a sale for sure!! ) But, you know what I mean......
I want those jeans to last a few years if possible!! The same with keeping concert shirts and things nice and new looking. I don't want to have faded, old, worn out clothes, and if that means I have to spend more on detergent, and look for better deals and coupons for Woolite, then so be it. But Woolite Extra Dark care, is now a regular staple at my house and will continue to be.
You can check out Woolite on Twitter here!
and check them out on Facebook!!

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