Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Putty Buddy Met My Kids Expectations (and Mine)

We received an order of Ruby Red Putty Buddy in the mail, and the kids tore the package open asap!! They went crazy and I kept thinking, really?? LOL! Kids love all kinds of crazy things, and things that seem so dull to us, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, (well, ok, I do like bubble wrap too;) But I often wonder what in the world and how in the world, do some of these companies stay above water?
Well, Putty Buddy is one of those things I thought of course the kids will like it, but what does this guy think he's doing? I have been proven wrong, by the reaction from my kids, all 3 of the youngest ones, (2,5, and now 9), and I am very pleased with how much time I have freed up by this little container of Ruby Red Putty Buddy!

Genevive, of course always makes hearts out of everything, and she especially liked the color and how easy it was for her to shape it without any help from a brother or mom or dad!

Aaron, always likes to make people and monsters and animals, and his little brother is always so proud of Aaron's creations. He thinks he is super cool:)

This stuff is quite interesting and very versatile! They were able to do and make everything that it claims to do, bounce, stretch, mold, it is pretty much endless, and really does provide hours of entertainment!
The kids were thrilled to get this in the mail, and they were anxiously awaiting it's arrival! They had already watched the videos on the website and were freaking out about how cool it was!
Putty Buddy comes in 2 colors, (and I can assure you, it does not stain a thing!!) Groovy Green or Ruby Red.
The price is reasonable, especially when you are going to grab more then one.
1 cost $9.99
2 for $15.99
OR you can grab 3 for $19.99! (that is the best deal, you buy 2 and get 1 free!!)
You can check them out on Facebook here!!
I would love to read any comments from our friends!! Did you order any? What did your kids think?
I am aware that there are a lot of recipes out there to make our own homemade gobbly putty playdoh clay gak slime stuff, lol, but I like this price and the deals, and as much as we love making our own of everything, I have to say that the cost of ingredients is about the same if not more. Plus, I really never had any come out quite as nice as this stuff. So, this is one of those things we would rather buy then create on our own!
Plus, we love to support small business!! I think it would be cool to have maybe a couple new colors added in the near future;) HINT HINT!!

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