Friday, August 3, 2012

The Fall (The God Slayers Trilogy) by David L Dawson

I have to say, I have only ever read a few other books that fit into this dystopian fiction category, and out of all of them, I found this to be the most original. I also will be picking up the next book in this series when it is complete.
I thought the characters were introduced very well, especially the main character, Ben. He is a unique character,and it is hard not to like him.
This story takes place in 2026, (they guess), and the planet Earth has been taken over by 2 warring Gods. The crazy dangers out in this brutal place are very well imagined and described in the book! (kind of no different then what we have going on in today's world if you ask me!)
Ben Casper's father is the Mayor, which is what 14 year old Ben must get ready for.In this story, you get married at 15, and Ben is no different other then he will be taking over as Mayor. He does get several bids for marriage, but doesn't really love or even want to try to love any of them. Because he is actually in love with his best friend's brother, Brian.

I thought the way that section was introduced was also perfect, and it fit naturally with the rest of the story. The author also did not go overboard, and there really isn't anything that is awkward or to out of place. It just fit in nice, and is a part of Ben and this story.
I also thought it was a nice touch to add Ben's mother having the response that she had, which was simply no different then a mother finding out that her son had a crush on the next door neighbor girl.
So anyway, Ben has a pretty big weight on his shoulders, and that is the responsibility of saving the world.
I actually very much enjoyed the way the author made the fighting scenes, and the adjectives and how it is one of those books where you can see the people and action, in your head since it is written so well.
This book is a comfortable length, not to short, not to long, it is just right and suits the story well.
The only recommendation I would make would be to maybe push the age limit of this book up a couple years, I would say 14 maybe, rather then 12 years of age.
There are some violent scenes, and I just know personally, as much as I love gore and violence, this is written much like books I read as an adult, and I would think some children may be a bit young for this yet.
Why only 4 stars?
I really appreciate this author's imagination. I also believe he is very fluent with his words and sentences. I just had to take away 1 tiny star for grammar and editing. But please don't let that be a reason to dislike or not read this book. This author has much potential with this series!!

** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **

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