Monday, August 27, 2012

Cancer on the Brain by Jay Lafevers

I started this book, expecting to need some tissues close, and to just have a terribly sad day after I finished it, but that didn't really happen. Not because it wasn't upsetting, or sad that this wonderful person and family went through this, but because the author has an amazing sense of humor.
This is a wonderful book, one of those kinds that leaves a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, and Jay Lefevers, really does an excellent job conveying his feelings through the pages of this book. I commend him for his whole attitude during this whole ordeal, and as much as he is a hero to his baseball team, he will end up being a hero for you when you read his book.
Of course, there were several sad parts, and very crushing moments. Especially when he had to tell his wife about what the doctors had found. But, even through all of it, he kept his humor, his positive attitude, and held everything together, as much if not more then anybody can expect from a cancer patient.
I really enjoyed reading his story about how he met his wife, about their children, his baseball team, and I could relate to the sections about the goofball doctors, the odd things that happen at the doctors office, and the weird phone calls that sometimes seem to make no sense at all. I was happy to know I wasn't alone in thinking doctors are a bit "weird" sometimes;)
I can't say we have anybody in our family that has had cancer, but we have had our share of medical mysteries, and medical issues. We have always taken a positive approach, even though it is very hard to keep that going all the time. The author and his family are admirable in many ways, and I am grateful for having read this book, and being reminded just how strong and powerful, people really are.
I would recommend this book for cancer survivors, patients, families of cancer survivors, any disease or illness really, as this book may just provide a fewe laughs and smiles along the way!
You can read more about the author on his blog!
** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **

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