Monday, August 6, 2012

The Power of 30 Minutes

I haven't read the book by Charles Duhigg, although, after reading this clever summary, I am very interested in doing so.
I do enjoy books that are practical, common sense, philosophy, and well, maybe aren't so common, since people tend to sometimes not grasp or comprehend these things. It is fairly simple and easy to understand, and once you think about it, you should be able to fully understand the entire book, and this should be something that people take seriously.
This summary would be a great benefit for anybody who doesn't have the time to sit and read, The Power of Habit. It really does only take 30 minutes or less to read, and the author did a tremendous job, outlining what the key points were in the original book and explained everything thoroughly.
He goes into detail about business, and what drives the customer towards your products, what worked for the "big" corporations, and what companies like, P&G learned about their customers.
All in all, there is something in this short summary, which is packed full on information, for everybody. Business owner or not. Maybe you are into advertising, where this would also be an essential tool. Or you could simply be a blogger, somebody who makes bows, tutus, jewelry, even authors, you will also finish this book feeling a little bit more focused, and enlightened!

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