Thursday, August 16, 2012

Noxicare Natural Pain Relief Cream Review and Giveaway

Some of you might know a little about me, and my diagnosis with RSD about 6 years ago, (among other chronic pain issues), so I guess it wouldn't come as a surprise that I would have a review and giveaway for some pain relief cream;P
I have to be honest, I haven't heard of Noxicare natural pain relief cream until this review opportunity, but I will say that out of all of the ointments, creams, roll ons, and all these supposed topical pain relief products, I certainly will be adding Noxicare to my mix of RSD HELP!! I also am not so sure that I ever really seen any other brand claim they would help RSD type pain, but I asked them and they said yes indeed, and they are right...I actually started this review, with an attitude, I really never would have imagined that a cream would provide any amount of relief whatsoever. Of course I will never find a cream, a pill, anything, that will take all of the pain away! It unfortunately is not possible. But, when a few things are taken, done, together, and they all add a little bit of actual relief for chronic pain/RSD/CRPS, you will be certain to keep those items as close to you as possible;)
Noxicare is an all natural pain relief cream that can be used for several types of pain. Tension headaches, neuropathy, arthritis, athletes, Musculoskeletal Pain,and fibromyalgia. I have quite a few things going on, which leads to a lot of problems, since there is always something that something is for, and then I have to take a different pill, or get another procedure, for the next pain dilemma. Noxicare actually just about covers all of it, with just this one cream.

These videos will have plenty of information for you, and there are many more on their site. You can check them out here!
One of the things that fascinated me the most about Noxicare, (of course the fact that it really did help me with my own pain), is what is actually in the stuff!
Turmeric ( root ) Turmeric has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.
Willow Bark ( bark ) Willow bark has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties.
Ginger ( root ) Ginger has digestive aid and herbal catalyst properties.
Holy Basil ( root ) Holy Basil has anti viral and anti microbial properties.
Rosemary ( leaves ) Rosemary has pain reliever properties.
Alpha Lipoic Acid ( found in vegetables and animal protein ) ALA has antioxidant properties.
Boswellia ( leaves ) Boswellia has anti inflammatory properties.
taken from Noxicare's site:
Noxicare is based on 7 proven natural remedies that have been used for centuries. Founder Dr. Reza Ghorbani chose each centuries-old ingredient not only because of its proven singular effectiveness for different types of pain, but understanding that each ingredient served as a catalyst to the other ingredients to boost the effectiveness of the formulation as a whole.
Well, makes perfect sense to me, and anything is better then most of what a chronic pain patients options are, so....
Again, I can not say that this cream took away all of my pain, and I was able to run and walk and skip and jump! Noxicare doesn't make that claim anyway, but what this product will possibly do for you, is together, with any other pain remedies, work together, much like the ingredients in Noxicare, when combined, and provide you with a much more painless day.
My other favorite points about Noxicare, it is NOT greasy, it does NOT smell bad at all, matter of fact, the cream is pleasant smelling and very light, definitely not what I was expecting. (Considering others I have previously tried)
I noticed they also have capsules on the way, the website says summer of 2012, so I am going to be checking back for those!!
of course there won't be enough to cover half of my body, or anybody who has full body RSD or any kind of pain, but I use this mainly while on the computer, after working at the bar, or when I will be doing housework and things. I use it for the tops of my feet, which are typically the worst pain, and my ankles. It would cost a fortune to get enough of this to cover both legs, and feet and ankles and my lower back, lol, so maybe we can talk Noxicare into selling vats at a discounted rate?
I am pleased with this product, and the fact that I will get relief from some of my sharp pains, sudden stabbing pains, and even a little of the electrical shock and fire, burning pain, when in my ankles or feet, have been letting up a bit when I apply this cream!! (Thank you!!!!)

I don't have an issue with the price, ($19.95 for a 3.5 oz tube) although, I wish it were a little cheaper but compared to others, this is more then reasonable.
Plus, I did notice that they have a Facebook page, and a Twitter page, and I was happy to see an active giveaway and a tab for savings, so.... I will just be sure to grab when I see deals;)
I would be very interested in any ideas, thoughts, your reviews, what do you use for pain relief? What have you tried? What pain syndrome have you been diagnosed with? (if diagnosed at all)
I know it sometimes, like in my case, takes several years, before you can find a dr you can trust and who knows what is going on. I am very content with my current doctor and my pain management team. Although, there are a few things I wish I could try, but with no referral, approval, or even insurance payments, some "experimental" type procedures are not acceptable. I am thinking very hard about doing something about Calmare Therapy, which is not covered by insurance and not well recognized. But I have been seeing and hearing many good things about this!
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  1. RSD......and as you lnow it sucks!!

  2. Lower back pain, I still think its from the spinal from having the c-section with Abby but they seem to think there is more going on.