Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thorne Manor by Diane Wing

I am a huge, huge, huge fan of horror, scary, all of the psychological thrillers, gory even, the scarier the better. So, I am normally a bit to hard to please I believe, since in at least 26 of my 38 years, I have been an avid horror fan and have seen and read some that are the very best and some of the uh not so much of the best!
I have also been very pleased and shocked by some of what I have read and seen, (don't judge a book by it's cover) Although, the cover of this book is very cool. However, it doesn't lead me to think, hmmm, this oughtta be a real crazy and scary book. But it was! I loved the stories in this book quite a bit! I did of course, enjoy Thorne manor, probably the most, but the other stories in this book are very entertaining and real spooky and wicked, which is a good thing!!
The Quiet neighbors was very good, Guardian at the Gate was another excellent story, Dream State was super spooky and probably my favorite, and very well could be my all time favorite short spooky story!
By Invitation Only was real crazy actually! The Black Sheep and Good Riddance were both insane and quite gory, to say the least!
I enjoy Diane Wing's writing style, she does an outstanding job with adjectives and descriptions, and makes it an art. She is a great storyteller, and would be the best camping guest! ( scary stories around the campfire... I am hoping people know what I mean here;)
Diane does a fine job engaging the reader and keeping you literally, on the edge of your seat.
I actually read these stories between 10pm and 2am, on my back porch with some coffee. (this is when I read and get things done on a normal day) and I have to say, there were a few times I was so into the book, that when I heard a noise, I was pretty creeped out!!
I would recommend this book to anybody who likes some good stories for the campfire, and anybody who is a fan of the unexplained, horror, or just spooky, scary stories!

** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **

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  1. I will have to check this out. If just looking at it online the cover would turn me off a bit. I will go and review it at Amazon. Thanks for the info. Newest follower from the Friday Blog Hop.