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The Politics of Emerging Strategic Technologies: Implications for Geopolitics, Human Enhancement and Human Destiny (St. Antony's Series) by Nayef R.F. Al-Rodhan

I am actually really shocked at the other reviews I have read about this book! I have to give this book 5 stars, not just because I enjoyed it very much so, and not just because I enjoy books like this, and discussions like this, but because it was very well thought out, explained well, (maybe entirely TO well), but from what I gather, it seems that we do have to explain and re explain again and again, so that people can understand.
Which brings me to the only issue I had with this book, and that is, each section, from page 1, the whole way through, was sometimes explained to much, period. But, I can't take a star away for just that, simply because well, I know why it was written this way.
There are times like with my children, (who range in age from 2 the whole way to 20), I have to explain in a few different ways so that each one grasps the point I am trying to make! So, I am giving this book 5 stars and that is what I am sticking with!
I do not think this is a book that is easily read in a day or a night, however, it does hold your attention rather well, and it will be hard to put down, at least until you are finished with the chapter.
I think a lot of this is of course already known and a lot of us do see how this works, and so a lot of the book is basically things you already can gather on your own, from well, technology and the media, etc.
You have to be a hermit if you don't already see or think about how the lawmakers, (either party), the UN, other countries governments, sway how technology works, what we find, learn, investigate, research, they sure won't put money into, or want any kind of scientific discoveries that would prove them wrong on anything they run on, anything they want to sell, and so on.
For instance, medications, and cures. Don't you sometimes wonder how in the world can we fly to outer space and do so many other amazing things, but we still can't find a cure for the common cold, cancer even, chronic pain? Look into this even further, and find what big wigs have how much into what stock, and you may see that certain cold medicines, pain medicines, are owned by some of the very elite. What will happen if we indeed had a cure for the common cold? Well, we wouldn't be buying cold medicines anymore, would we? So, who loses out? Who is more important?
The author also details, very fluently, how different countries and different religions and societies, have different have different belief systems. We use technology to make these amazing wrinkle creams and make sure that when we are older, our skin still looks as though we are in our 30's. But in other parts of the world, technology is not swayed by the people's need to look younger, because they are not infatuated with being younger looking. Why? Because they look at the elderly as very wise, and they look forward to being the same and receiving the same respect.
There are so many parts of every aspect of our regular day to day lives, that are run by technology, and technology is managed by the people who "run things". Sure, if you take a look at it country by country, religion by religion, technology is different everywhere. We have doctors who claim that if you take these key minerals and vitamins, that you will be this healthy and never need this or that, never go to a doctor again, blah blah blah... Or is it "blah blah blah"?? Just maybe, they are telling the truth, but they are not millionaires, which leads to the lack of advertising, the market is just to lethal for a claim like that. But why don't we hear more of it? Unless you are listening or reading or looking up some obscure book, radio show, tv show, you never heard of it! And if you did for the first time, you probably automatically assume it is a lie. Because you weren't "raised" to think that way, or you just don't think "outside of the box" or you just don't believe things people say or do because it isn't the norm for our society. It very well could be though for another society.
This book goes into great depth to provide you with many, many reasons, explanations, as to why we just do and see and hear what we do. Who does run technology? Somebody has too.

About the Author
NAYEF R.F. AL-RODHAN is Senior Associate Member of St. Antony's College, University of Oxford, UK, and Senior Scholar in Geostrategy and Director of the Geopolitics of Globalisation and Transnational Security Programme at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), Switzerland. He is a philosopher, neuroscientist and geostrategist. A prize-winning scholar, he has published seventeen books proposing many innovative concepts and theories in global politics and security.
** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **

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