Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Escape to Mars by Greg Krehbiel

Aaron, my 9 year old, is just in love with this book. He sat at the kitchen table giggling and giggling and having the best time. Especially with Billy's chapters. On top of being a hilariously funny book, Escape to Mars, has some very cool and sneaky way of teaching a little bit about science and outer space. This was a big hit with me, since I adore anything my children can learn from. Especially when it comes in such a creative form. ( After reading about the author, and learning he has children, this made so much sense! We parents have to always "sneak" clever little ways of teaching lessons)
The story is imaginative and invites the readers (mainly kids) (although us parents love to dream and imagine too!), to discuss what they would do in this situation, what would they bring with them to Mars, how would they pack? What about Earth would they miss?
The story starts with Billy's family, his father comes home to try to explain about the black hole he helped create, that was in the center of the Earth, and how the Earth would be swallowed up by this black hole. The chapter is written by Billy, which is a unique way to present this book, through the eyes of a 10 year old boy. After we are introduced to Amber, a 10 year old girl, we get to read her side of this amazing adventure!
Billy and Amber's families, and a few other people needed to help start a new civilization on Mars, start their journey to outer space. They pack some food, some animals, different things needed in order to survive on Mars, and grab a space shuttle to start their adventure.
The print in the book changes with each 10 year old's writings, which helps to distinguish between the 2. I thought this was a neat addition to this fun story!
This is the perfect bedtime story, and your kids, any age, will love it! What little kid doesn't like outer space, space ships, Mars, and all the funny things that happen to Billy and Amber. Well, not everything is so funny. They certainly have their fair share of mishaps and some scary situations that they must. as a team, brainstorm and try and figure out. Billy and Amber included.
The author does a fine job creating this story, the characters are scenes are vivid and colorful and crafted well! It certainly has a lot of twists and turns and will be sure to keep your little ones attention.
We were thrilled to see there will be another book coming in this series and we can't wait!
Note to the author from Aaron, my 9 year old:
This would be so cool if you would make a movie or tv shows about this book!! It would be my new favorite show!
Lol;P Kids just love outer space, anything funny, and books written in their language. I have to agree with Aaron though, this would be a great mini series!

** We received a copy of this book in return for our honest review **

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm particularly glad that Aaron thought it was funny. Tell him there are more adventures on the way in the sequel!

    BTW -- great pic at the top of this page!