Thursday, August 2, 2012

The RX Factor by J. Thomas Shaw

If you like the types of books that grab you from the first page and keep your heart racing all the way until the end, then you will most definitely love this book! I do love those books, of course, and this rates up there with the best! I also enjoy Government conspiracy and well, real true Government thrillers.
Fortunately, I believe more people are really aware of what goes on behind the scenes and J. Thomas Shaw, does an exceptional job at this type of suspenseful, and pretty creepy, storytelling. The characters are well thought out, and introduced quite well, and I do adore his writing style, action packed, thrilling, and just all in all, great story line.
 Dr. Ryan Matthews, loses his family after his cancer cure that he co develops, backfires and ends up speeding the disease's progression and takes his wife's life. Of course this is devastating, and he takes a 5 year plunge as an escape.
He meets a new friend, Jordan Carver M.D, who has a plan to open a medical clinic that will help treat terminally ill cancer patients.
Oh, wait, it gets much better! There are other medical clinics that treat terminally ill cancer patients, but what is so odd and yet strangely familiar, is that these "clinics" are using a drug that is eerily close to the cancer treatment that Dr. Ryan Matthews helped create, that ended up killing his wife and causing all trials to halt completely. The FDA has apparently allowed the drug to be used in Mexico, in these so called clinics that cancer patients come to with hopes for a last resort. Very creepy, and yet, so realistic.
 Ryan, and his new friend and fellow researcher, end up jumping into probably the most wild and crazy ride of their lives, when they take it upon themselves to research and investigate what exactly is going on in these "clinics", what is the FDA doing? and most importantly, what is The United States Government doing? Why is this even being done? They are fully aware of the outcome, it really makes you think of all of the strangeness we hear throughout the years, medical trials, clinics, our military, what is being experimented with and who is it being experimented on??
The RX Factor, will keep you at the edge of your seat,(kind of like a Die Hard movie) and questioning everything, even in real life. If you didn't already wonder about what, how, where and why, our Government does what it does, you certainly will after you read this book!
The whole concept and reasoning behind what is happening is enough to send shivers through your body, and you will second guess most everything after this book, (again, if you haven't already!) The ending is well laid out, horrifying, and pretty gruesome. As a whole, I would recommend this book to everybody. maybe it will wake some people up as well.
Why did I take away 1 star if I loved it so much? I did like the ending, I believe it was the perfect ending to the terror. I did think it was an easy ending to figure out, although, I'm not sure how else it would have ended, since any other way would have possibly taken from the intent. I also think this is a fairly original story, although, I have seen and read this "type" before, and I have to say, again, the author's intent was clearly to write a book about exactly what he wrote about and he didn't take from anything that I am aware of. Nonetheless, that is my reasoning behind a 4 star, rather then a 5 star rating.
 ** I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review **

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