Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Belly Fat Diet by John Chatham

If you are a mom, or plan to be someday, or even a grandma, or ok, just anybody who wants to finally, for real, get rid of any extra belly fat, this is my first choice for the BEST book you could have on your team!
This author goes out of his way to explain EVERYTHING there is to know about the health concerns, health issues, what to eat, what to buy, how to make it, it's absolutely priceless!!
I have had 4 kids, and honestly, it's kinda like, well, I don't have tons, or a lot, yeah, it'd be great to lose it, but I have no time!! Well, this book points out all the health problems that could come from excess belly fat, heart disease, diabetes, liver problems, and even dementia! That really isn't something I have time to think about, even though it is very important and should be something I think about!!
Here is something I know will make any busy mom go crazy over this book!! This is the coolest, and the main reason I actually believe I can handle this diet...
You do NOT have to count calories, carbs or fat grams!!
There is NO weighing or portioning!!
You will NOT be tired and grumpy all the time!!
You will NOT feel hungry all the time!!
They always say it is not safe to lose more then 2 lbs per week, but that is because they figure you are cutting back on calories, and in turn, if you are losing this much, well, that means you are reducing your calorie intake to unhealthy levels. This makes sense! With this diet, you actually CAN lose more, because you are NOT counting calories, but rather, you are resetting and maximizing your body's fat burning and fat storing systems, so you can indeed lose more then 2 lbs per week!!
You will learn about the foods you can eat, which by the way, is a very generous list;) and he even says that, yes, you can actually "cheat" once a week and have a couple pieces of pizza or even a Snickers! YAY! Did you know that the majority of diets out there are actually worse for belly fat?? That is a very interesting fact and makes a lot of sense, especially when you are merely cutting calories, and not eating the proper foods.
I am delighted to have found a book that actually will work for me, and that I have time for!! This book also has a shopping list and lots of scrumptious recipes.
You can grab this book on Amazon and it is available on Kindle, so you can get started asap!!
Have you tried this diet? Please leave comments below!! I would love to get this started with me right away and I am planning on super good results, and would love to hear any success stories from you!!


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