Thursday, May 10, 2012

Diary of a Mummy Misfit by Amanda Egan

This is a hysterically funny book, written by a fellow blogger:)
I was asked to read and review this book by a friend, and I had a lot of fun checking out Amanda Egan's blog before I started reading. A lot of fun there, by the way, so I suggest you head on over to Diary of a Mummy Misfit, and check it out!
I was just reading her post from May 9th, and saw that she has her 4th book started, so I am pretty happy about that, as this is her 1st book, and I am grabbing her 2nd one this weekend. (You will want to too), because she is a very cool writer who is pretty much just like most other busy moms, a bit goofy, and crazy, (in a good way:)
I especially liked the fact that I have only been blogging for a year now, even though I have been reading and studying and following other blogs for several years, I have heard of this one, and I have heard of this book, so I was super excited when I saw which book I was reading next! I also like the London part, so since I am from Pennsylvania, (USA), I don't run into very many people who call themselves, mummys:) so I really enjoyed reading her book, and getting to learn some new words.
It was neat reading Amanda Egan's diary, and being able to crack up at some crazy stuff, and be able to laugh and think, "OMG!!", and "Wow! We really are all almost alike, so that means I am really not insane!" From her son, to her friends, to her husband, her gay friends, her pregnancy, everything that happens on a daily basis to a mom, or mummy, is actually rather interesting when you think about it! I used to contemplate writing a story about my days, that is kind of why I started my blogs, but I decided I have no clue where to begin, who do I contact, where do I go to start such a thing? Of course, I just ended up deciding that I will do that someday! I am sure most of you wake up in the mornings, or the middle of the night and think, "My life would make an awesome sitcom!!" Or at least when you have all of your relatives over, AKA my mother in law, omg!
Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I laughed and laughed and at parts thought, "Oh no!". and I went to Amazon to read more about her other books and found that there are quite a few of us who adore this mummy misfit!
I would recommend this book to any mom! I even called my mom about this book and she doesn't have a computer unfortunately, but she said, she would really like to read this book too. (My mom always loves stuff from London), especially music and books so i am wondering if this book will be in paperback anytime soon??
If you want to grab a copy of Diary of a Mummy Misfit, you can buy it on Amazon

You can read Amanda's blog here
and she even has a Facebook page!


  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for such a great review -really appreciated. Both my books are available in paperback at but, sadly, they are not as cheap as Kindle because of the print cost. Hope you enjoy the sequel and, don't forget my 3rd novel 'Completing the Puzzle' is out on June 6th - not a Misfit novel.
    Could I ask who asked you to review the diary?
    Thanks again
    Amanda x

  2. You are very welcome! I am a new fan of your blog and your books!! I apologize, I wasn't thinking about, but I will be grabbing those from there.
    I am a big fan of real books, that I can read and give as gifts to my mom:) I don't mind them being a little more then Kindle books, and I will be grabbing your next book in June! You have a very cool and down to earth style and I love that!!
    Oh, I honestly don't know the actual friend who generously sent me your book, but they messaged me and asked me to read it and post a review, and i have to say, I was super happy to have a book review that would make me laugh and one I could relate too:P
    The coolest part is that I am in the USA, you are in London, and even if we all have different terms and words, and live across the world, we are all moms and girls, and misfits, yes! Haha! Very cool to know that we all go through similar situations and have similar dilemmas.
    Thank you so much for commenting here!! I hope my readers and friends throughout my networks enjoy your book(s) as much as I did!

  3. Thanks so much, Brandy. You make me smile :)