Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What am I Doing Here?

I started this blog, and my 2nd blog, (, a little over a year ago, and had big giant plans for both of these sites.
What started as a blog on, momscrazyday, to help others learn the art of coupons, finding deals, freebies, samples, discounts, recipes, (the recipe part is being worked on every day), and how to earn money online, and well, I guess all that other good stuff that mommies like to share.
ell, that blog pretty much is what I wanted, I have some reviews over there, and some other content. I also wish I had more time to share personal stories about my family and all the funny things the kids say and do. I don't get to post that very often, and as soon as I am organized a little better, have a better schedule, and figure out what days are best for what, that part is still going to happen.
This blog however, was supposed to be a little bit about me and my little ones, and all of our favorite stuff, our reviews, and most importantly, BOOKS. So, I think I have been accomplishing this part of it and I am fairly content with it.
My next main goal was to help small businesses, direct sellers, crafters, companies that are owned by stay at home moms, families, and even brands that I personally use and love. So, I do have a lot of companies and people like this, that I help promote and share with my readers. I love small business and I love standing behind the brands i use and truly adore, so if you do see ads and links for places like this, rest assured, I am not just linking to places I know nothing about.
That being said, I am a firm believer in helping others who are just starting out with blogging. I started out with nothing and am still fairly small and I learn new and fun things each day! I am blessed with many friends and family who stand behind me and believe in me!
So, just in case you are wondering, yes, I will also have blogs and websites on my blogs and social networks that I love to read and will help any newbies out:) I still consider myself one, so any help I can get is always appreciated and in return, I love to help others and share any success stories with them.
I also really enjoy those sites and programs that will pay you to take surveys and open emails, shop, and all that other fun stuff! I do share and post most of that on Momscrazyday!
One thing I would have liked to have done by now, is a site that I can help people earn gift cards, one that doesn't send spam, and one that everybody can trust. (I am still working on obtaining proper info for this project!!)
So, for now, I guess this blog will always be for reviews, book reviews, helping to advertise and promote others, and help authors with their books and reviews! We also have giveaways from time to time, usually posted on Momscrazyday as well:)
If you are a brand or a small business and you would like to have an ad posted here, links, or reviews, you can contact me! Same for blogs, site owners, and services, products you would like promoted, I will do my best and offer backlinks, social networking, and lifelong relationships! If you need somebody to help host giveaways, email me! I also run a "Moms group", and we are also available for samplings and reviews with pictures and soon videos! (This is also a new blog that will soon have all the content filled in and will be posted on regularly by our mom members:)
My next project, on top of all of this, is to make a mom planner that is useful and cheap! I have no idea how to make eBooks, (another plan I have), or how to attempt our lip gloss and lip balm brand, or how to gather the best pages, covers, ideas, and where do I go to get these made to sell??
I have been shopping for one that would have all I need in one, and have had no luck, so I decided I will learn how to make my own.
Any suggestions are appreciated:) As usual!! Lol!
In any case, this is what I am doing here, and I plan on being here for a very long time!

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