Friday, May 4, 2012

All My Love, Detrick by Roberta Kagan

I am sure most of you have read the Diary of Anne Frank, maybe for school, maybe just because it was one of those books we all kind of read and thought about, cried about, and wished we were there to help Anne, and relieved that we weren't there during this time.
I have always been fascinated with this time, the war, maybe more sickened then anything but still, this has always been one of my favorite times to read about.
I have to say, All My Love, Detrick, will be one of these books that we put high up in the category of all time classics, all time favorites, well written novel that I hope to see on the Best Seller's list someday!
The author does a fabulous job, painting a picture in your mind of this horribly sad tale about 2 families, on both sides of this awful part of history.
Detrick and Leah are the main characters, and their lives and hearts are tested like nothing I can even comprehend or imagine. We all have played those, "what if" games, and this is one of the worst questions I could think of to ask in that game. What would you do if you were a Jewish girl, living in that time, and you were madly in love with a German boy, who reluctantly had to be on the other side? And vice versa. At least, this is something I hope and pray that none of us have to ever question in our lives.
As a history book, Roberta Kagan has definitely researched everything and has everything down to a tee. This was such an incredible recount of Germany, Hitler, and how he came to be. The story explains each character so well, and you start to "know" each of them and how they chose what they chose.
As a novel, Roberta Kagan is an amazing author who really does do a terrific job with descriptions, making these families now a part of my life, and an excellent job writing a book that can take you on a journey, a place to escape, (even though this time may not be your top choice of where you would go if you had the option). It is hard to put the book down, it is a long read but easily read.
I have said this about few books before and of course I always like the book better then the movie, but this is one of those books that would really be a big hit!
Roberta is quite an interesting person herself. When you read this book, you will start to wonder how in the world does she write about this in such a way that it seems she was there? Well, she does actually have personal ties to this, with both of her parents losing their entire extended families in the Holocaust.

You can buy this book on Amazon, and check out more books by Roberta Kagan!
I am interested in any comments any of you may have about this book. Did you read it? What did you think?

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