Friday, April 27, 2012

Books and Book Reviews and More Books and More Books!!!

We love books, and although I would love to read a book a day, I end up having some kind of small catastrophe that turns into running extra errands, going to the doctor, running to the pharmacy or a grocery store, or just a big crazy "fun" day here at home with some very hyper crazy kids!
I sometimes have to put off reading a book, or finishing one and starting the next, especially when I know it will be a good book and I won't be able to put it down!
As most of you know, I work weekends, and although it is considered my "time off", I have a long weekend some weekends, like this one coming up! I sometimes work straight through the whole thing! So, books, unfortunately have to be put aside. ( for the time being)
But I can assure you, we have some very, very exciting books coming up, some I have had to put off a little longer and schedule as they came in, but there are history books, thrillers, mysteries, all kinds of books, except for children's books! Aaron just asked me last night if he just has off for awhile or what lol! But the kids have been working on their German and Japanese, which is very cool!! The Lightning Fast Series will soon be posted here and this has been an adventure in itself!
There are also a couple reviews coming for some very pretty and well made nail accessories that we received, and soon a couple very cool Father's Day gift ideas! One we are still waiting on, a fogless shaving mirror, and there is a local couple near me who sell and install LED's on anything from cars, motorcycles, Aaron's 4 wheeler is soon coming home with some, even in your home! They save you tons on your electric bill and some people have them installed in their kitchens! I am thinking of doing this! But, I am having a baby shower for our oldest daughter, yes, I am going to be a grandma in July, so it has been real busy with planning and things but still more excitement then anything! I ordered some light strips from BnP Led Lights for prizes and I think this is such a cool idea for Father's Day!! What guy doesn't like crazy bright, super bright, colorful, flashing, lights? LOL! You can get power cords for them and a strip and they can be attached to whatever your husband or dad or friends want! I am going to see what it would be like on or near my desktop because this will take place of the annoying tiny lamp in my room when I'm online! I don't know how good my pictures will get but I will take some soon! For now, if you want to check their page out, there is a link to their store where you can place orders, you can visit them here!
In any case, if you like to read, our schedule is completely booked for a month! So, some will have giveaways with them and these will be announced as they are posted!
In the meantime, if you have a children's book your kids love, or you are an author of a children's book, please let us know! Leave a comment below or email us at

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