Friday, April 20, 2012

The Dawn of Saudi

This is the second book by Homa Pourasgari that I am reviewing, and just like the first, I could not put this one down, at all!
I do recommend this book to all females, and anybody who enjoys a good mystery with an eye opener as amazing as this one!
What can we do? What do we do? Why is it that we live in a modern world and things like Sharia Law exist? Even apparent in our own country?
America and Americans, thrive and prosper, thank you to MANY great females, why does something like this still happen? Why do we allow such a terrible thing to occur? I will stop before I start getting to political, as politics is definitely something I try to avoid as much as possible with my readers. It kind of goes along the lines of what is illegal to discuss at the bar! (Lol, yes, I bartend and yes, you have to stop religion and politic conversations almost every shift! Especially nowadays:)
This book follows Sahar and Dawn's lives and will hit very close to home. I know you may think that this isn't possible, we aren't like Saudi Arabia, we don't live like them. Well, from page 1, you will find, like I did, we are all alike, no matter where we are, what religion, what country we live in.
You will get to know Sahar, and her family, be in tears after just a few pages, and this will tug and pull at your heart until your chest aches for the new friend you found that is in a book... However, there are many more like her, and they are dealing with this horror right now.
You will also follow the lives of Dawn, and Jason, and when you think you are reading a story about something, it will turn into a crazy tale of mystery, kidnapping, crime, money, and love.
The twist and turns will start to become apparent just right before it happens, and the story just gets better. You will end up happy and relieved and sad when you find out what is going on. The crazy part is that it takes place right here at home, in The United States of America, land of the free! (Just to clarify, the beginning and some of the events, of course take place in Saudi Arabia, but end up here when Dawn finds a way out and escapes here) But she is still not free.
This book will captivate you from the Preface. I recommend this book to anybody who loves a good tale, romance novels, suspense and thriller, mystery, and anyone who loves our way of life, our freedoms, and our rights, as women, and/or United States citizens. This will have you questioning, and wanting to find ways you can help.
According to the author's website, she is currently working on a new book, one that I certainly am anxious to read! Matter of fact, I check rather often, for any updates on her site or Twitter.

Homa Pourasgari resides in Los Angeles, California. She received a degree in Business from Loyola Marymount University, after which she left to live in Paris for one year and attended the University of Sorbonne, focusing on literature. Multilingual, she has been traveling since the age of 5 and has experienced many different cultures. Homa has worked in various industries such as marketing, retail, banking, accounting and fitness but has always returned to her true love – writing. She is currently working on a new book. Lemon Curd is her first novel.

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