Sunday, April 22, 2012

Six Scary Tales Volume 1 by Rayne Hall

You always see books and movies that have Scary, in the title. You never really know though, are they scary? What level of scary? Scary to who? You would at least, (I hope), know the difference between a cover like this one, or a Goosebumps book. So you know who probably shouldn't be reading them!
This cover is very classy, and definitely shows right up front, that this is probably a pretty scary book! ( I apologize, I have found you sometimes have to explain this to some). So, if you are NOT in any way, a fan of horror, or very scary, actually, terrifying stories, you may not want to read this, but pass it along to a friend you know who loves this stuff!!
I was very impressed with this book, being a horror fan for almost all my life, yep, even as a kid. I used to watch these scary shows that were on Saturday nights. (weekends were always cartoons, and Kung Fu theater, lol), then it was those real corny scary shows, they weren't corny back then, but now my husband and I laugh like crazy at all the dorky shows we used to watch!! Anyway, I am a big fan, the scarier the better! That's why I was so thrilled to review this book! I was even more thrilled, when I read the stories and actually was like, "Wow!!"
There are 6 stories in this book, and I like them all, a LOT! I do have a favorite, Four Bony Hands, that was quite a good story, and it is a story I wouldn't mind watching a movie about. This is how all of the stories in this book are, all have a good creepy plot, off the wall shock value, and when you start the stories, there isn't any wait time, you start to read, and BOOM! You are right there. Definitely another reason I really , really like this book!
The author really doesn't waste your time, and she sure knows how to scare people! Brilliant use of adjectives, and I love when authors like this one, use the appropriate and most fitting descriptions and words, so that is paints a very vivid picture in your mind.
I will be reading more from this author! If you check on Amazon, there are many more available!!

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