Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Yard Could Use HELP

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a crazy yard, and an even more crazy dog! She digs holes, and wrecks gardens, and grass, drives us nuts!

I found out about Scotts ® Snap® Spreader System, and I am very impressed and anxious to try and grab one of these asap!

Scotts® Snap® Spreader System

This picture is a part of our yard,


the worse part actually, and my poor husband is constantly trying to fix it and throwing grass seed around, and it will start to look nice, but then we have grass seed all over the place, and a big mess! I often wish there was an easier and quicker way to take care of this and then I came across this product!! I "liked" their Facebook page, because they are having a contest right now! They are giving away Walmart gift cards and other very cool prizes, and  was hoping to find out more info on this product.

Snap perks on Facebook

I do love how easy they make this look, and the part of no mess all over the garage floor, makes me want it even more!! The bag also self seals, so you don't have to worry about waste, spilling, and it has an EdgeGuard, so you won't have this all over places you don't want it!



Snap, Lock, Go, Store, pretty simple? Yep and I love anything that helps my hectic days, much less hectic!!

Who knows, maybe I will have to start doing some yard work for my husband, and maybe he will start cooking dinner, and running the kids to their doctor appointments lol!

I would like to have one of these, and with my RSD and small children, it would help a great deal. It would give my husband more time to do whatever it is he does in his garage, (and not have a mess!), and best of all, our yard can look like a yard should!

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