Friday, April 13, 2012

Weight Loss Programs

I know most of you already know a little bit about me, but for any new friends who are reading this, I will give a little background.
I am 37, a SAHM of 4 crazy, but beautiful little angels, (or devils lol), ages, 1 (almost 2), 5, 8, and 19. Our oldest has been blessed with a child and we will be grandparents later this year. Needless to say, we are done having children!
I do work outside of the home as a pt bartender, on the weekends when my husband is home, it gives me time to relax and get out of the house believe it or not!
Anyway, I also suffer from RSD. I hate to say suffer, but I don't know how else to word it. The RSD is in both of my legs and that makes it hard not only to bartend without limping and having to deal with a LOT of pain, but it also makes it very hard to walk, play with the kids outside, do regular things other parents can do, and also EXERCISE!
I have a hard time with this, as some of you are already aware, I have bad days and good days, but not being able to walk and things that I once was able to really hurts sometimes.
So what does somebody like me do? Of course I could surely find ways to get exercise, but I never have the time! I wish I did and look forward to this later in life. (Although I wish my children would stay small), I still dream about some free time once in a while. That is when I plan to get to maybe a gym, learn ways to exercise without using my legs as much, anything! I am not terribly overweight, but I did have 4 kids. After our first, I kinda just lost all the baby weight right away. I was young and thought that was so super cool!
Our second, I gained 60 pounds, and when he was born, I lost almost all of it right away, but that annoying extra skin kinda stayed. Our third was similar to our first and most of that left, all but maybe 5 pounds. Then, came our little miracle baby, in 2010, and I gained 60 pounds with him. I don't know what I lost with him, since I don't check scales, lol. I do know it was a decent amount and I am now at 152. I wouldn't normally know this but unfortunately, my doctor knew how to figure out what kilograms were at my last visit. YIKES!
Maybe that isn't super huge, but I am only 5 '1". So, I am pretty small, and my size 10 jeans aren't as comfy all the time anymore.
There seems to come a time when you tend to not care as much, personally cause I am to busy, and in a lot of pain, but all the extra skin left in your stomach that is so hard to lose after having children, you tend to think, "Well, I may as well fill it in and make it look better then flabby skin!" (I am not trying to gross anybody out, just being honest;)
I would love to lose like 25 pounds, I used to be 120, and that would be nice, but I would be happy with 125. But how do I do it?
I often see Facebook pages of different programs and I hear mixed results, some from very close personal friends. I understand a lot is just losing water weight and then of course it comes back. Well, I would really rather not spend money on something I have heard very iffy results from and I was searching for another plan.
My question is, what have you tried? Do you know anybody who has tried any of these plans that are all over Facebook?
Have you or anybody you know ever tried this plan?
I have to say, it kind of sounds rather amazing, I did hear a few people actually say it did help them lose weight, and I am wondering if I should try it...
They have a 90 day challenge:
Its where you get healthy, get fit, lose unwanted weight and gain lean
muscle, without dieting, without counting calories, without eating special meals and without taking harmful pills.
As part of the challenge, we drink a shake mix that
smells and tastes like a cake mix, at only $1.87 per
shake. FDA Regulated, diabetic friendly, gluten free
and rated “A” with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
Average weight-loss is 6lbs per week. Go to the link
below for more information and to get started today:
I kind of like the cake mix part;)

Plus, they have a very cool deal on their site, if you sign up for their monthly kit, and you refer 3 friends, you get your kit for free that month!!
I am anxious to hear what you all think, if you ever tried this, tried a plan like it, or heard from a family member or friend who used this plan!
It is soon summer, UGH, and us mommies sometimes don't spend a lot of time on ourselves, and we rightfully should!!


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