Monday, April 9, 2012

Book Reviews and More Giveaways!

I have to apologize to everybody for the extended lapse of time between book reviews.
I had a slight emergency last week with eye surgery and didn't expect a longer recovery time. However, I am fine now, and will be back on schedule with all reviews and new giveaways!!
If you have a book, (we also review products and anything that is awesome, something we can't live without, and something we would highly recommend to our readers and friends), please email me at!
We would love to read your books, post reviews for you on Amazon and other sites you prefer, and promote your sites, books, products, all over our social networks and blogs.
We can embed your video, make a video, post pictures and of course, host giveaways!
We are still a little under a year old, but we have a decent size network that is growing every day.
We also offer ad space, blog buttons, whatever you need help with promoting, we will be glad to help. Most only requires that we have a sample, the book, of course, a product, and ad space is simply $5 per month and this includes promoting all over our social networks.
We are normally on time, but due to my recent eye issue, I have fallen behind some but will be caught up this week!!

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