Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Aaron's Favorite Book The Incredible Shrinking Bully

We reviewed this book a little while ago, and we are still reading it and discussing what we gained from this wonderful story!
Aaron had a very special surprise in the mailbox last week, and was so thrilled to have a copy of his own!
We especially love the illustrations, and the lesson taught about courage! This was truly an excellent story, very well written and a lot to be learned from this book.
Mona is an amazing storyteller, she also has a cool character named Chick-E, who we also admire. (Especially me, since Chick-E is a trustworthy young lady who answers some of those questions you probably won't be asked to answer by your own pre teens and teens.)
Mona Scmitt, the author of these 2 fun and encouraging books, sent Aaron his very own copy with a sweet message inside the cover. He was so happy to receive this and we are lucky to have been given the chance to review this author's work.
We look forward to many more stories, and i love checking in with Chick-E on her Facebook page!!

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