Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lightning Fast Japanese for Kids and Families by Carolyn Woods

I was very excited when I received an email from Carolyn Woods, asking if we would be interested in reviewing her Lightning Fast (insert your choice) for Kids and Families book. This was something I have been wanting to get started on with my kids and something I thought would be fun for me as well.
We chose German, (which I will be posting about next), but she also had a Japanese version, and the kids were anxious for this one, so she kindly sent me the file for Japanese too!
This was so much fun, and Carolyn, has a very unique way of teaching other languages, which I found I am very impressed with. She makes it all seem so easy, and after you start, it really is rather easy. The only thing I am worried about is, are we saying it right? Lol! But, I am hunting for something online maybe that I can type the words in and have a translation. Just so I can be sure! (Carol does have the pronunciations in the book of course, I am just curious as to if I am saying everything properly:)
The kids have tons of fun learning this language! Especially Aaron, who was the main one who said, "Let's learn Japanese!!!", and Carol makes it fit into everyday life, so there was no studying for 2 hours a day or anything added to our already hectic schedule.
You just simply start out asking and answering in the language you chose, just as you would talk and communicate in everyday settings. For instance, you can start out with waking up in the morning and asking questions about what would you like to wear to school today? The way she teaches this makes so much sense! Just jump right in and start! So, you can ask "What are you going to wear to school today?" Your child/children, can answer (with your help at first of course, and lots of printing and reading from the book:), with the type of clothing, the color, and there you go! You and your children already started learning Japanese!!
I really like how she wrote the book to fit into our everyday life, this was something that just seems to make so much sense, and yet I don't think I have ever come across this, when shopping online for a simple and quick way to teach my kids.
The book has several chapters that all fit into our lives, from going outside, to breakfast, to dinner, and she even has "I Spy" games, and other practice games as well.
It is also very easy to read, it doesn't scare you away in the least bit, and it really just starts to come as a second language in your house!
We are anxious to learn more languages now, and I am also contemplating home school for my children, and I would certainly recommend Carolyn Wood's Lightning Fast series for home schools, and just for parents who would like to open their families and children up to other languages and cultures. Carolyn includes many different good ideas and tips along the way, and it's almost like having a teacher right there in the pages. Unlike other books I have found where it is simply a word, and then the translation. The way she wrote these books, really seems to help get through it all much quicker, without sacrificing anything important.
We will be also going back to her books for reference along the way, and using them again for refreshers.
Another cool thing I have to mention, Carolyn Woods, is also a very busy mother of 4, just like me! So, I was happy to have this opportunity to use her books and review them! I also believe that this is exactly why and how she has made such an amazing and simple way for us to teach these other languages to our children!
If you are interested in purchasing her books, (if you have children, I highly recommend looking into this series!!), you can check them out on Amazon
There are many choices:
Lightning Fast German
Lightning Fast Spanish
Lightning Fast French
Lightning Fast Italian
Lightning Fast Chinese (this one will be our next choice!!)
Lightning Fast Japanese
Lightning fast Spanish Vocabulary Building Crossword Puzzles

I have the eBook versions, which are perfectly fine, however, I would suggest maybe purchasing paperback versions, so you can throw it in your bag and use it for the doctor waiting rooms, and times when you are away from home and have a little extra time:)
I would love to hear any comments from any of you who have used these books! Please comment with your review links, blog links, and share your opinions!

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