Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Paleo Diet Solution by John Chatham

This is an excellent book for anyone who may want to use The Paleo Diet in their lives to maybe lose weight, eat a healthier all around diet, or due to health concerns. I would recommend this book as being your first source if information and for all the answers to your questions.
There are lots of chapters in here, and John Chatham has covered every angle of this diet,everything from the lists of foods that you can eat, the list of foods that you cannot eat, how to find and buy these foods, recipes to use, what the Paleo diet is, where it came from, and what it is.
Have you ever heard of the Paleo diet? I have, but never really knew what it was. Can I do it? I doubt it, at least not at this point in my life. I am to much of a coffee drinker to let that go! Some nights, coffee is all I have to get me through when my RSD is super bad. You will have to give up sugars, alcohol, and processed foods to officially be on this diet. The point is that years and years and years ago, cavemen, didn't eat processed foods. This diet is also sometimes called, The caveman's Diet, The Hunter Gatherers Diet or The Stone Age Diet. Meaning that the foods eaten were all foods that were able to be hunted, fished, or foraged. Makes sense to me, I mean, they weren't eating dairy and processed foods then, and we all know that these are both foods that are the cause of many health concerns. Heart disease, Diabetes, and obesity are all caused by our modern diets and foods.
This is however, a diet that would help somebody in your family, a friend, maybe yourself! Of course, it would help everybody, for instance, my mother in law could really use this. So, my plans are to use this book as a way to introduce her to this, and when she comes back to her house from her most recent visit at the hospital, all of her cabinets and fridge will be stocked with these foods! This book is an excellent guide for me.
If you have a family member, a friend or if you are looking for a diet that will truly help you achieve a healthier lifestyle, or lose weight, The Paleo Diet Solution by John Chatham should be your first choice when researching this diet. It is the most helpful book for any diet I have ever read, as it includes lots of information, recipes, lists and everything you need to get started!
You can buy this book on Amazon!!
Please leave any comments below and let me know if you read this book, did you find it as helpful as I did?
What are your thoughts on this specific diet?

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