Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lightning Fast German for Kids and Families by Carolyn Woods

This was our second book in this series and just like the Japanese version, we had a good time with this as well!
I kind of believe we may have picked 2 harder languages, so maybe it took us longer then normal. (about a month for each book)But I am rather content in knowing a variety of words and phrases from this language:)
Another reason we chose this, is because of our neighbors. Helga, is a very sweet lady who lives across the street with her husband. She came over here with him after WW2 and still has a very heavy German accent and of course, speaks it fluently. We also do live in a predominately Dutch/German area, but if Helga could hear the little ones speaking her language, I thought this would make her smile! So, we are going to be practicing and brushing up so that we can carry on conversations with her in her language!
I really enjoyed doing these reviews for the lightning fast series for Carolyn Woods. The kids also had fun and learned a lot, and we are anxious to try some more of her books very soon!
I do believe I am going to keep searching for some sort of CD so that we know for sure we are speaking properly.
If you are interested in purchasing this book, you can buy it here from Amazon
I highly recommend this series, for parents, even teachers, church groups, especially home schools! Carolyn has a very neat way of teaching languages, by simply applying it to everyday life. The books are also filled with games, activities, and excellent examples of how to apply this during your regular routines! this is also a big plus, considering how there never seems to be a lot of time for anything!! Who better to make such a wonderful series for busy parents and families, then a busy mom of 4 herself?

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