Friday, May 18, 2012

Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files

I was very excited to try out these products from Mont Bleu, and was amazed at how gorgeous these glass files were when I received the box!!
I didn't even want to use them for fear they would break, or because I would scratch them:)
These are just simply the most pretty nail files, I have ever seen, and after using them, I would have to say they are also the best nail files I have ever used!!
You can check them out here!! Buy glass nail files and I guarantee you will fall in love with these pretty little things too!!
Not only do they look super cute, they are much more gentle and more effective then any other nail file out there!!
Glass nail files
from Mont Bleu are made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. I also received a pair of tweezers in my package, and a beautiful pair of earrings!
The tweezers are covered in rubber, so they won't slip, and they are also made with

They all come in their own cute little pouches, and are VERY reasonably priced!!
If you are interested in wholesale, they have some nice prices and offers for you as well! Plus, you can honestly stand behind this company and their products.

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