Monday, May 7, 2012

Nickels A Tale of Dissociation by Christine Stark

I can promise you that you have never read a book quite like this one before. (unless of course you already read this book) I have read many books in my 38 years, and never have come across something as beautifully written, as horrifying as Nickels A Tale of Dissociation.
Christine Stark, takes you on a truly terrifying, yet enchanting, trip through the mind of an abused child, violently abused child actually, and as grotesque and as evil as what happens to Little Miss So and So, you will find that you are drawn to this story in such a way that you have never experienced before.
This story starts with Little Miss So and So at age 4, all the way up to age 25 and a half. You will walk through this beautiful little girl's mind as she goes through each horrid day and night, all while being sexually abused by her dad. She goes to school, has friends, has regular little girl issues and problems, and has a whole mess of problems at home. People and classmates think she is crazy, crazy girl, and she goes through so many twisted things that none of us ever want to have to think about. But somewhere out there, this happens to children, to many children, and this book really hits home.
This is definitely a book that will make you sick, make you very sad, disgusted, I am sure my blood pressure was boiling quite a few times! Yet, you keep reading because you keep hoping that somehow, Little Miss So and so, will end up having a breakthrough, be able to find her place, be healed and be loved. Which is the better part of the story.
You may think that it would be such a fantastic ride, through a little kid's mind, and to read what they are thinking, imagining, how they interpret things, how they see us, see others, what they are feeling, and so on. I guess it still is, it's just very scary through this sad little girl's mind, and it brings in new light, the phrase, "walking in someone elses' shoes".
There is also much to learn from this book, as little Miss So and So, reaches adulthood and starts to embrace herself, who she is, where she has been and who she can be. Dissociation is something I didn't know much about until I received this book in return for my review, so I started to investigate and research this and found so much information. Dissociation is a rather broad term for what and who it can affect, what brings it on, the degrees of dissociation, and the healing process. Little Miss So and So's dissociation, played an important role in her healing process, of course her dissociation was brought on by trauma. But as you read this story, you will find that the dissociation, seems to be all that helps her escape her mad world, her horrible dad and the stress and anger and deep sadness. Without the dissociative state that her mind is in, I wonder how she could have managed to survive?
In the end, (I wouldn't normally tell you the end of a book, but in this case, i feel it's for the best:), Little Miss So and So, knows her name, who she is, and is ready to come out on top! This is something we can all take something from, somebody such as this character, going through what she did, and somehow she manages to find herself and heal.
I also have to point out that Christine Stark, wrote this book in a series of prose poems. yes, it tends to be a little more difficult to read then most other books, but you will start to be able to comprehend what is going on and more then likely end up thinking, (just as I did), that this was probably the most brilliantly written novels you have ever come across. I love many different styles of writing, but this one takes the cake:) You may have to re read some lines as it can get confusing, (especially if you are busy with children) I believe it was the most appropriate story, as fragile as this little girl's mind is, the only way to take us there, was through a series of prose poems, which to me just added to the fragility of this story, but still in such a strong way, the same as Little Miss So and So grows and overcomes and finds her inner strength to be healed.
This was such a touching book, I promise it will be very hard to put down, and I doubt that this character will be leaving your heart anytime soon.

Please leave comments below and let me know if you have ever read this story, what you thought, and how it affected your life.
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