Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Book Reviews for June!

I apologize I took a few days off here, I kind of have a "gig' I do on the side, for, and after some technical difficulties, and issues, I was pretty backed up!!
I am almost caught up there, and have lots of book reviews coming in the next few days from there as well!
I also work weekends, as some of you know, and being a holiday weekend, it was extra busy around our house, opening the pool, spring cleaning, or um starting spring cleaning, LOL! But, you know what I mean;)
I then decided that since we had dr appointments and a few other important issues going on, that I would take a couple days off from here, but tomorrow, we are back with a BANG:)
I actually planned on posting 2 reviews today, but honestly, I was super busy making contacts, networking, and landing some more gigs, and received some very awesome book review opportunities!! TONS OF THEM!! Mystery, thrillers, political, children's, and bunches more!! I love the June line up and I hope you will too!!
Tomorrow is also an announcement of a very cool eBook giveaway!!!!
Every 200 entries, will add a prize! You can enter several different ways and wait until you see the awesome lineup you can unlock!!!!
I was hoping to do the giveaway for the whole month of June, and if we have enough entries, we will do a winner a week, or even more if we have it! It can be endless! thanks to a super cool friend that I actually met through Fiverr;)
So, look for that announcement tomorrow!!
June will be booked solid!! Meaning, if you need a review of any kind, you will be scheduled, but we are scheduling into July now! The 2nd week of July is almost booked solid, after today lol, so if you can wait until the third week, contact me!!!
I typically have a 45 -60 day period anyway, between first contact and final reviews, so it isn't that long of a wait!! In the meantime, I will gladly share, pin, post, and start the review site reviews, as you may know, we do review your books on all other book review sites!! (The advertising and up to 6 other reviews on review sites, are all included with the original review deal;) That is very cool, I must say, ;p
Click my social media buttons on the top right, and you can see who will be checking out your books, or products!! and then.... email me at asap!! I have room for 15 more books, a few more products and after that, we will be in August!!!!

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