Friday, June 1, 2012

30 Lip Balm and Gloss Recipes (Roadrunner Digital)

I have been searching, looking, everywhere, asking everybody for clues, info, legitimate places to get recipes for home made lip gloss and lip balms.
Of course, I found some cool blogs where they had some very good recipes, that you can make with chocolate, things like that. That is great, but I was planning on making our own, and maybe to sell..
My 5 year old, Genevive, and i have plans to make our own lip glosses, fruity, candy, soda flavored, lol, and since we go through so much, I thought we would save money at the same time!!
I came across this book, and it actually has lots of good information! 30 recipes, and ingredients that I have heard of and can get!!
I am so annoyed with recipes that have some crazy ingredients that I can't get local, or semi local, and I also would like stuff that is edible, and would be perfectly fine to use on your lips! (and eat, lol, since that is normally what little girls do)
This book has step by step instructions, easy to understand, and actual good recipes!! I love it! I also found all of the stuff needed at a local store, so as soon as I make it there, we are getting started!
I have had nothing but luck with this website, and all the books they have to offer1 Everything from making your own lip gloss, to brownie recipes, to social media, to affiliate marketing, to children's books! It is just the coolest eBook store I have found.
I just grabbed a couple more books last night and will be posting about them very soon. I can't say enough how much each book I have read so far from RoadrunnerDigital has helped me in some aspect of my cooking, crafts with my kids, my online business, and there is really so much to choose from!
The prices are also perfect and they have awesome sales!! The best part is, when you make a purchase, you can read it instantly!

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