Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blogging for Small Business

Yes, another Roadrunner Digital eBook;) I can't help it, this site is like a gold mine for bloggers, small businesses, Ebayers, anybody who is looking for solid information on how to earn more money online, and from home.
This specific book, is easily read, understood, and teaches many, many things about all of the opportunities there are out here.
If you are just starting, or already blogging, even if you are a seasoned blogger, there will be some valuable information for you in this book. This is especially helpful for the self starter, newbies, and social media junkies;)
It explains why every small business should have a blog, the many ways of earning money through your blog, and help with how to start, what to expect, how to make deals, sales, pretty much everything basic for all kinds of sites, blogs,and businesses.
I have to admit, I am partial to this specific site, (Roadrunner Digital), because I have yet to get a bad eBook from here. I may not be making lots of money online, nor am I a master at social marketing, earning money, or anything for that matter. (well, maybe my bartending skills are out of this world;) But, I learn most, through the eBooks offered on this site. I also store information, take notes, and save files, and can help point others in the direction of very informative books on these topics. The directions would all pretty much go to this website and the eBooks they offer.
I highly recommend this eBook for ANY small business, and ANY blogger, and ANY body who wants to start and learn from an eBook that is not going to tell you that you have to pay any amount of money for their advice and education, other then the cost of the eBook itself;)

**I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review**

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