Saturday, June 9, 2012

250 Bath and Body Recipes eBook Review AND Roadrunner Digital eBook Giveaway!!

If you are a friend of mine, (I like to say friend, rather then "follower", or "fan"), or ok, a reader;) then you probably have seen me go absolutely crazy about this very cool website and digital eBook store, RoadrunnerDigital!
I do love to read and to learn, and so do my little ones, and Roadrunner Digital has an awesome variety of books to choose from. So far, I grabbed recipe books, books that help with internet marketing, social networking, understanding SEO, how to make lip balm and lip gloss, (which is one of the summer activities, Genevive, and I will be doing together;), and this super sweet book, 250 Bath and Body Recipes!!
This is chock full of some easy to make recipes for all kinds of things that we pay way to much for at the store! Homemade bath and body products are also much better for you then the products we buy at the store, pus, we know what is going in them!
This is also a fun thing to do with your little ones, which is what Genevive and I are starting together. We are trying to have our own thing, since Genevive's oldest sister, Bethany, (Our 1st little princess:), is out on her own now, and then she has these 2 terribly annoying but so adorable, brothers, lol! I figured, if mommy and Genevive have our own special things to do, then mommy and Deegan, and mommy and Aaron, the kids feel much more important and are a lot happier! They, and I, can look forward to our own special time together.
Of course, we do things as a family, but with 4 kids, and now a granddaughter on the way, it is important to make sure that each of them has their own thing. Their dad always gets to do the fun stuff with them, (or so it seems), since daddy's always have them outside when they cut the grass or work on cars or 4 wheelers, and watch the cool stuff on TV. (What's TV, right??) lol;)
But anyway, back to this fun book and giveaway!!
You can find most all of these ingredients in your house, the grocery store, and a pharmacy! You can make anything from powders, to cleansers to masques!! Anything that will save money, and be better for my family, is always going to be my first choice. I am sure it is yours too!! Plus, you get the added benefit, which is, you have something fun to do with children, grandchildren, a neighbor, your mom, friends, you can have a much needed girls night out and hang out and bake cookies, (or just eat them;), and try the recipes in this eBook!
You can win your own copy, (this is valued at $27), and it is an instant download, so as soon as you reply to the winner notification email, you can download it asap!!
You can enter here!!
Leave comments below and let us know what eBook you would like to see next as a prize!! You will earn a couple extra entries this way and the more entries, the more prizes!!
You can check out Roadrunner Digital here, and leave the title of what you would love to own, below!!


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