Monday, June 18, 2012

Electric Picture Book

Me and the kiddos spent quite a bit of our craft time today, using this electric picture book online. (and some of my actual work time, but we had a blast and made quite a few electric picture books and I guess I will accept this for tonight's craft;)
I have to say, it took me a bit to get started, due to a few technical "difficulties" I use Linux and had to install Windows for this DNL Reader you will need, in order to make, edit, and view your Electric Picture Book.

This was our first color choice and picture we put on our picture book;)
Genevive wanted the whole thing to be just her, with no brothers, lol, so that is where we started having to make close to a dozen!
It is real simple actually, you just download the DNL Reader, then click a colored light bulb of your choice, then you choose which picture book you would like! There are eCards, calendars, 6 image photo albums, 12 image albums, and 24 image albums! We used a few of the 6 image, and then started a calendar.

We chose blue for a couple, there are lots of color choices for you to pick from! (Blue is my favorite color)
These are very cool, and a lot nicer and easier to put together then other online albums I have seen and used. You can send this through email to friends and family too, which is very cute, especially for friends and family who live miles away.
The Electric picture book site is easy enough to set up, edit and use, even for Deegan, lol, well, maybe not him, but he is 2 and was able to help right click and place the pictures in our album!

After Aaron got the hang of it, which of course doesn't take long these days with kids, I was able to change a load of laundry around while these 3 made their own picture book! That alone was enough for me to give this site a 5 star rating;p

They all enjoyed being creative and adding pictures and making their own little albums, and Aaron was so happy to be able to do a few all by himself!!
Genevive always loves to look at all her pretty princess pictures, and being able to choose pretty colors for her "Just Genevive" albums was a huge hit!
Not to mention, they all wanted to keep checking out all of the adorable animal pictures that were on the site, and wanted to make one with those pictures, lol!!
We all recommend the Electric Picture Book, for kids of all ages, just make sure you have time to spend, because after making 1, you'll want a few more, and then a couple more!!
You can start your own Electric Picture Book here!
They also have a Facebook page here!

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