Monday, June 18, 2012

The God Box: Sharing My Mother's Gift of Faith, Love and Letting Go by Mary Lou Quinlan

I was especially happy when I opened the package that this book came in, and saw how beautifully done this book was.
My pictures don't do it justice, but hopefully you will have an idea of how pretty it really is.

This will definitely make you sad, and probably tearful at times, but you will appreciate the author's unique way of helping others with the healing process.
I really like the God Box idea, and will be starting a similar tradition here at our house.
The God Box is a treasured collection of little notes to God, over the years, written by Mary Lou Quinlan's mother. She would leave little notes for God, with her dreams, hopes, prayers for others and the book actually has real photographs of these sweet little notes! As well as real pictures of her mother, and quite a bit about her mother's character and life.
It is a short book, but one you will probably learn a lot from, and can share with others who have been or are going through the grieving process. It will lift your spirits and help you heal.
It was at first, a bit sad and I felt horrible for the author and her family, i know nobody ever really gets over such a terrible time in their lives, and you could tell at times when the author seemed to be having a rough time remembering all of the wonderful things about her mother. It is just like talking with a friend or family member when you read this.
When you do purchase this book, make sure it is one of those special books you keep somewhere other then a bookshelf, (unless it is the tip top shelf;), and keep it as nice as you received it! I just love books that are pretty to look at, and this is one of them! (So, yes, my kids aren't really able to reach it!)
You can buy this book on Amazon, and you may want to buy a copy for a friend or family member you think would benefit from reading that they are not alone, and could use some help putting a smile on their face;)

**I received a copy of this book in return for my honest review**

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