Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vitacost Review and Giveaway!!

I often check a few select websites each week for sales and deals, because they always seem to have the best deals out there. Even if I happen to miss them or don't have the money available to take advantage of the deals. But, I sometimes manage to actually hit the site at that right moment when I can save a fortune and score some free shipping!! is one of those sites, so of course when they emailed me about doing a review, I was more then happy to be a part of this!
 Vitacost is well known for vitamins, vitamin sales, healthy living products, free shipping on orders $49 or more, and their super awesome refer a friend program!! I love how they are just like a healthy living pharmacy, online, with much better prices then local pharmacies, and the free shipping deal is always a big help.
 A lot of the products that I have found on Vitacost, are not available around me, or at any of my pharmacies, (we kind of live in the middle of nowhere, lol, so free shipping and availability of the best brands are very important to us!) Especially when it doesn't cost a fortune to have it delivered. It saves me tons of time, gas money and I don't have to run al over and try to find the products. I also love the new brands I can try and have tried thanks to Vitacost.
 I also often check out the Vitacost blog, for advice and tips on healthy living, and recipes. We aren't a big gluten free family, but we are in the process of figuring this one out. My husband and our 9 year old son, Aaron, have a few stomach issues, and we are always keeping food diaries, running to specialists, etc, trying to get answers for what seems to have been going on forever with them. So wen I see a new gluten free recipe, or snack food, I grab it. I mean, it's healthier for all of us, and so far, these products and meals haven't made these 2 sick. So, we are leaning a bit more towards switching at least half of our food to gluten free. Which is a pretty expensive move, and the stores I shop at, only offer very small sections of aisles for gluten free products. So any help from online sources, especially the Vitacost blog, is very important!! Not to mention, they have tons of gluten free products that I would have never realized existed if it weren't for them.
 I am madly in love with the beauty products they carry!! I may not wear a lot of make up, but I am addicted to lotions, lip glosses, lip balms, bath products and mascara lol! I go crazy over these things and have a few containers, make up bags and drawers in both bathrooms, filled to the brim!
 A while back, I saw an ad on Facebook about a sale on Vitacost, that came with a $10 credit, and at the same time, there was a huge sale on beauty products and I grabbed a Burt's Bees sample bag for free! I had to pay a few bucks for shipping, but other then that, it was very cool to try 6 different products from the Burt's Bees line, for practically nothing.
Some other amazing beauty and baby brands they offer are: Alba, Jason, Kiss My Face, Juice Organics, Earth's Best, California Baby, Pangea Organics, Beauty Without Cruelty and Seventh Generation. There are a LOT more brands they offer, some may be familiar and some may not be, so if you haven't shopped here yet, you will probably be here forever, checking out all of the brands and products.
They sell almost everything here for you to instill and keep a healthier, happier lifestyle at home. They offer everything from vitamins, pet care, baby care, beauty, food, herbs, cleaning products and more. Pretty much everything we need to replace here in our home, can be found here. This fits perfect with our family, because one of the new year's resolutions we made was to gradually switch all brands. (We have been doing this in 2012, and I hope to be almost there by the end of 2013.) So, expect to see a lot of reviews and posts about our complete transformation, most will be for products we find on, I'm sure:)
Anyway, I did get to try some scrumptious bath products that I don't really know if I will ever be able to live without now!! It's so neat how some bath products can actually really smell just like what it says it does, along with doing what is says it will, even more. The best part is, they aren't all filled with chemicals, so they are much better for you and your little ones!
 The first product I tried was, Primal Elements, Sugar Whip moisturizing body scrub. This was nothing but a pure treat!! I am almost empty and have to refill because I really, really, really, have no idea how in the world I am ever going to go without this twice a week!!
They have different scents, I received, Tahitian Vanilla, which smells just like the container when you first open it, ALL DAY!! YUM!! It is especially important on shaving days, since it will exfoliate the top layer of dead skin, which helps tremendously when it comes to getting a much closer shave. This is especially important for busy moms since it seems so rare, at least for me, that we even have a chance to jump in the shower, much less shave!
 Some other tasty flavors, or scents, that Primal Elements has on are: cupcake!!, Mediterranean Mint, Citrus Melonmint, Grapefruit, Candy Corn, Mocha Latte, and Sparkling Sugar, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!
The next products I received were: Isvara Peppermint body wash and Isvara Honey body lotion.
Believe it or not, these 2 fit perfectly together and I am impressed with the long lasting scents! I didn't think honey and peppermint would be so splendid, but they are! These products make your skin baby soft, and come in super handy pump form! (I love pumps better for products like this because it seems you use more and waste less and it is not nearly as messy as other containers, tubs, tubes, jars)
Some other noteworthy products from this brand are: Isvara Organics Clear Skin Facial Mask, Body Butter, Peppermint Body Milk, Coconut Sunscreen and Body Polish in Coffee Sugar!! (that is on my next order for sure!!!)
 Another cool point about Vitacost, (yes, I know this is so long, and I apologize, I am just more then pleased with this website and I still have enough to discuss and chit chat about, lol, I may just drive some of you nuts!!), but they have the refer a friend program, which gives you $10 credit for every friend you refer, and they also have a "Set and Save" program, which includes automatic delivery, you set the amount and time frames, it locks you in the lowest prices, and you can change or cancel any time. There are also some surprise gifts for Set and Save customers, and that alone is enough for me to be a Set and Save customer!!
 In just a couple days, there will be a Rafflecopter in this section, where you can enter to win a $50 credit for!! I will definitely be sharing the link as soon as I get this all legal and on the right terms, blah blah, and then you can enter to win!! YAY!!
 If you want a head start, check out and comment here with what products you would love to try!
 You can also grab some extra entries by finding Vitacost on Twitter and Facebook. 

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